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This Isn’t My First Rodeo

As an original dream team member, and someone that this isn’t my first rodeo for training for a half-marathon, you may think I love running all the time. Sometimes I do feel like this: (Photo credit: Tom Patania) But sometimes, it is a struggle to get out there and pound the pavement. When you commit […]

I’m a Gym Class failure.

Let me rephrase that. I’m the daughter of a PE teacher AND a Gym Class failure. In Junior High School I wouldn’t run a mile. Not a single mile. The thought of getting sweaty, of being lapped by the athletic kids, of coming in last, was just too much. So instead, I did NOTHING. NOTHING […]

Beginning Again …

A little background … I began this whole running thing about 10 years ago. What all started as a random goal to run the entire trail around my local park (3.7 miles) blossomed into a full on obsession. I would work to find new ways to constantly challenge myself, whether it be running faster, farther […]