We want to make a difference.  We want to grow.  But we know we can’t do it without you.  Volunteers are an indispensable resource that helps multiply the impact our work can make in our communities, families dealing with cancer and the industry.  Volunteer by becoming a supporting member of an ISF committee who is passionate about the success of a committee mission as well as the Foundation.  As a committee member, work closely with the Committee Chair and fellow committee members to brainstorm ideas and complete goals, objectives, and tasks. Please email our Event & Volunteer Director, Karen Murphy, if you are interested in joining our ISF Volunteer team.

MARKETING & PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Our mission is to raise awareness within the community about ISF, establish ISF brand, promote ISF sponsors, and to work with the Fundraising Events and ISF Gives Back Committees to market the events identified by those teams.  The focus will be marketing ISF through social online marketing, printed marketing, TV/radio appearances, webpage updates among other marketing venues.  This committee is also responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with ISF partners and other charitable / non-profit organizations.

ISF 5K RACE: Our mission is to lead and manage the logistics for our flagship event including race preparation, setup, volunteers, and vendors.  This committee will work closely with the Kids Fun Zone / Fun Run committee.

RACE DAY RAFFLE ITEMS: Our mission is to request, gather, and track items for race day raffle and then bundle the items into raffle baskets.

KIDS FUN ZONE / FUN RUN: Our mission is to identify vendors and events for fun zone, and general logistics for fun run.  This committee will work closely with the 5K Race committee.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: Our mission is to generate ideas for ISF fundraising and to continuously promote and reinforce the ISF brand throughout the community.  These will be events sponsored and sanctioned by ISF, as well as fundraising ideas for individuals looking to raise money for the Foundation.  The committee will focus on both “tactical” (quick and easy to execute) and “strategic” (big, long term, sustainable, brand recognizable) fundraising ideas.

ISF GIVES BACK: Our mission is to promote ISF by identifying ways the Foundation can give back to the community such as cooking for people at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, blood drives, networking events (other races/events to attend for organizations whose mission is similar to ours).

ANALYTICS & METRICS:  Our mission is to track our metrics and perform analytics to help identify what is working to help move us forward.

POLICY, POLITICS, & GOVERNMENT:  Our mission is to track what is going on in the local and Federal Government as it relates to Neuroblastoma cancer research and identify ways ISF can get involved and have an impact.


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