Thank You!!!!

Sophia at race startThe #ISFTagTeam


…. and the Results are IN!

To Our Incredible Supporters,

Words cannot express how grateful we are for you.
Grateful. Humbled. 

Appreciative and amazed….by each and every single one of you.
What a TEAM we have in you!

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough when we look at what we have all managed to accomplish over the past 8 years. It is because of your continued dedication to helping us see through the vision to honor Isabella’s dreams during her short, but very inspiring life. Cancer may have taken her from this world- but it didn’t win. As we have said- Cancer messed with the wrong kid because we are not giving up. We are only getting better!

Thanks to YOUR support and unyielding dedication over the last 2 months – 

the ACTION TAKEN through various fundraising events, including the 5K for Kids Cancer, the Brew Bash, the ongoing efforts of the Dream Team training for their 1/2 marathon, as well as several other events has grossed over…


It is simply AMAZING and it is because of YOU.

You joined our team, alongside of so many others and …. TOOK ACTION!

In the first year- ISF raised $7000 and had 180 people registered to run. This year, the race alone raised over $300,000 and had over 2000 registered to run. Look where we have come…and we have done it, TOGETHER!
We are amazed and would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for fighting this fight with our team.
It is incredibly important to us to keep Isabella’s dreams alive and do what we can to fulfill her wishes of a world with no more cancer.

It is hard to articulate just how much we appreciate the community support we receive and you continue to amaze us each and every year!!
We are so grateful for our sponsors, our donors, our local celebrities, our local schools, our local sports teams, our 5K runners, our 10k runners, our fun runners, our phantom runners, our fundraisers, our vendors, our volunteers, our local businesses that give to our auction, host IB days and for each and every person (near and far) that simply listens and shares Isabella’s story.
It ALL works together in a beautiful way to truly make a difference and impact others.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep going when we know our efforts will not bring Isabella back- but in that same breath- we know that is the exact reason why we HAVE to keep going. Isabella would want for us to help the other children fighting today. Her life WILL change the life of others.

We hope that you all feel as appreciated as you are and that you feel the passion that each of us puts into everything we do for Isabella, for her foundation and for all children fighting pediatric cancer right now! Our hope is that we help make a shift in the future of this disease and will help fund research for a CURE! We look forward to communicating soon, where and when these funds will be distributed! 

We cannot thank you enough for all
that you do to keep Isabella’s spirit alive and well!

With utmost sincerity and very full hearts,

Thank you.

Erin and Stuart Santos, along with the ENTIRE ISF TEAM