Changing The Landscape
of Rare Pediatric Cancer

The generosity of our community businesses has enabled the Isabella Santos Foundation to produce tangible results, and those results are changing lives. It’s simple. We are working to:

  • Fund a leading-edge rare pediatric cancer program
  • Increase survival rates for kids with cancer
  • Elevate Levine Children’s Hospital as the national expert in pediatric oncology

Join us in bringing positive change for kids fighting cancer in Charlotte and beyond.

Upcoming Events

There are many ways to get involved with our foundation to help fight pediatric cancer in the South East. Become a corporate partner or community sponsor, attend an event, start your own fundraiser, give blood at OneBlood or simply give! We have both ISF events and Partner events throughout the year bringing much-needed funds to pediatric cancer research.

Latest News

We love to tell the stories of the cancer kids we are fighting for and the community surrounding them.

Cancer Messed With…

Cancer Messed With is more than just an apparel brand. It is a symbol that provides comfort and support, because no one should fight cancer alone

We watched a little girl, Isabella, fight cancer for 5 years and we watched as cancer took her life at 7 years old.  It was cruel and unfair.  We watched Isabella’s family struggle to put their hearts and lives back together.  It was heart-wrenching.  But we also watched a community wrap arms around them and witnessed the power of positive support.  That’s why we created the Cancer Messed With brand… to give people a way to rally behind their loved ones.  To show them love and to help lift them up when they need it the most.  Sure it’s a simple gesture, but the most simple ones often are the most impactful.

Cancer has affected everyone in some way, show your support for those fighting with a Cancer Messed With shirt, hat or accessory. Individual and bulk orders, patient support kits, patient advocacy gifts and organization branded items available.  50% of all Cancer Messed With purchases go to pediatric cancer research through the Isabella Santos Foundation.

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