Ewing Sarcoma

Sarcomas are solid tumors that are formed from young cells that normally become bone, muscle, and other soft tissues, such as ligaments and joints. Sarcomas begin when a change or mutation occurs in one of these young cells, allowing the cell to grow uncontrollably and form cancerous tumors. There are many types of sarcomas that occur during childhood. About 12 in every 100 children with cancer will have a sarcoma.

Ewing sarcoma is the second most common tumor of the bone. Other names for Ewing sarcoma are “Ewing sarcoma family tumor” and “peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor (pPNET).” It often affects the bones of the pelvis, chest, arms, and legs, but can occur in any bone in the body. Ewing sarcoma can also begin in the soft tissues instead of in the bone. Ewing sarcoma most often occurs in older children and teenagers.

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