Thank You to our Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sponsors

Although our Breakfast at Tiffany’s coffee events were canceled this week, we wanted to brag on our business sponsors that not only support us, but support so many others.  We spent months planning for these two inspirational packed mornings and we couldn’t wait to share it with nearly 600 attendees. Many generous business sponsors in the community were equally excited to help us make an impact this week and we are incredibly grateful to each of them for their support.

During this time more than ever community support is critical.  We are thankful for those businesses who have been with us since the beginning, as well as so many new ones who believe in our mission.  We are in this together and know we can help kids fighting beat cancer, grow hair and live their dreams.


A new relationship for us this year is with The JEM Project and we couldn’t be more grateful.  This team of women and their passion inspire us and we appreciate them stepping into the presenting sponsor role for our breakfast events.   

JEM Project is dedicated to improving the welfare of children and women, along with preserving wildlife and the planet. This organization empowers organizations in these areas through charitable giving. 





Pediatric Cancer Rages On. So Do We

Like many of you, we have a lot of questions during this challenging time.  As we navigate through this, we keep circling back to one question that we can’t seem to shake. And one that we can’t get past. What happens to the kids who are fighting cancer and fighting for their lives, while life is on hold?

March 24th is finally here and if you would have seen us a few weeks ago, we were buzzing around and beyond excited for this day to arrive to kick off one of our largest fundraising weeks of the year. Although COVID-19 changed our plans, pediatric cancer continues to rage forward and our mission will not waiver.  Now, more than ever we will remain focused on helping bring change to rare pediatric cancer research.

Today our Breakfast at Tiffany’s coffee events, presented by the JEM Project, were set to begin. Two mornings…nearly 600 attendees and our goal was $227,500.

Tomorrow Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving was planned.  One day…42 locations and our goal was $175,000 for the day and $200,000 for the month of March. Ouch. 

That’s an anticipated amount of over $425,000 of our annual goal… by the end of the week. Ouch. 

Just as all of you, we are scared during these uncertain times.  We are scared for all of the cancer families who are fighting to keep their immunocompromised children safe. We are scared for all of the hospitals filled with doctors and nurses, working day in and out.  And although we are scared, we are in this together. We remain hopeful.

Thank those of you who have already donated this month towards our many initiatives before life came to a stop. Over the next several days, we had planned on these events bringing in a significant percentage towards our annual fundraising goal and have been stunned at the turn of events.  If you are able to and feel compelled to donate, we would appreciate your support. Now more than ever. Together we can help kids fighting… beat cancer, grow hair and live their dreams.

💜 Much Love,




VIRTUAL JERSEY MIKE’S LUNCH:  Yes we know, Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving was technically canceled.  But not for ISF! Let’s show our local Jersey Mike’s franchise owners that we still have their back and support by ordering take out!  Invite your co-worker, team or friend and plan on lunch together tomorrow… virtual style! Order for pickup or delivery through the Jersey Mike’s mobile app to make it simple!  We are fortunate that ISF will benefit from all donations made by customers through March 31st… donations can be made through the app or at pickup.

DONATE BLOOD:  If you are healthy and able, drop into your local OneBlood donor center to help replenish the quickly depleting blood supply in your community. Find a donor center near you.

#BeatGrowLive Together

As a nonprofit… we are scared.  But we aren’t alone. Over this uncertain period of time, we all need to share ways we can come together, share ideas to help those around us and share simple gestures to spread kindness and smiles during a very challenging time.  We are taking our Beat. Grow. Live mantra past the cancer space and challenge everyone help our neighbors. We are in this together and will #beatgrowlive.

If you have ideas or already on some volunteer projects with your kids… we want to hear about them!

  • Spread Love:  Post a picture of your favorite nurse, doctor or child life specialist with a note of how much you appreciate them.  We are all hunkering down at home, but those who care for us are working day and night. A little extra love and smiles go a long way. We love our LCH family and want them to know how much their passion means to us.
  • Donate Blood:  if you are healthy and able, drop into your local Oneblood donor center to help replenish the quickly depleting blood supply in your community. Find a donor center near you. 
  • Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte:  Make a donation to help cover the added cost of meals and other house operations during this time of heightened need. Unfortunately, they have had to halt their volunteer meal teams who cook dinner at the house for the families, but are open to having catered meals delivered. If your business or small group wants to support in this way, contact them to coordinate. At the same time, you would be helping a local restaurant.  
  • Order takeout from Jersey Mikes through their app.  Double your take out and drop it off on the doorstep of your favorite elder, first responder or a family in need. Download Jersey Mike’s App
  • Reach out to other local Charlotte nonprofits like Claire’s Army and Go Jen Go.  These organizations provide direct assistance to cancer families. Inquire if they have any immediate family needs. &

We will all get through this trying time. Many of us are feeling alone. But the good news is even though we are alone, we are together. In times like these, we tend to see the true heroes emerge and the genuine kindness of humanity. Let’s pull together to support each other. 

Our team is choosing to do good in whatever way we can. We are choosing to help our community and to Beat Grow Live. 

💜 Much Love,


Sweet’s Elderberry Donates $8,000 to Pediatric Cancer Research

Most families we know fighting cancer swear by Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup. Not only do we love their product, we love what they stand for in our community. During the month of March, Sweets Syrup celebrated their 4th birthday with Sweetsgiving, their annual campaign to give back to the community. During the first week of March, the Sweets team committed to donating 20% of their sales of Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup to ISF.

“I had hoped and prayed for a big week, and little did I know we would have OUR BIGGEST WEEK EVER!! 🙌🙌🙌Sweet’s Syrup is donating $8704 to the Isabella Santos Foundation to help fight pediatric cancer – a cause I support with all my heart. I can honestly say that in my four years in business, this is the pinnacle for me, the BEST. And thank you all for making it happen!!”

In early 2018, Sweet’s Syrup began donating organic elderberry syrup to nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Levine Children’s. Soon, this expanded to include the Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatric Oncology units. The little patients in these wards must be protected from infection, so it’s important that their caregivers have strong immune systems and come to work healthy. 

Sweet’s also provides 16-ounce bottles syrup to several families dealing with cancer, with the goal of helping them stay healthy during their child’s treatment. Qualifying families can DM Sweet’s via Facebook or Instagram. Those in the Charlotte area will be given a location to pick up syrup. If you live elsewhere, you’ll receive a special code to get a free bottle at Simply pay for shipping.

Shop online today or locate a Sweet’s retailer near you:

Jersey Mike’s Sub Grand Opening: 7741 Colony Road, Charlotte

NEW JERSEY MIKE’S SUB LOCATION ALERT – Colony Place Shopping Center (South Charlotte)

Join us at the new Jersey Mike’s Subs at 7741 Colony Road starting today for their Grand Opening and enjoy a FREE sub! For each coupon redeemed, March 4-8, Jersey Mike’s Subs will donate $3 to the Isabella Santos Foundation to celebrate their new location! 

Location: 7741 Colony Road, Charlotte NC

Enjoy a FREE sub and support ISF at the same time! Coupons can be scanned off your phone, so SAVE THIS IMAGE!