Voices of Childhood Cancer:  Learning to Live in the Moment

Voices of Childhood Cancer: A September Series to Help Inspire Change in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Childhood Cancer Survivor Dreams to be a Music Therapist

Levine Children’s Music Therapy brought this osteosarcoma survivor a calming peace and inspired her tremendously during her fight.

Two Childhood Cancer Foundations Collaborate to Fund Clinical Trial

Isabella Santos Foundation and Live Like Madison join forces to co-fund a clinical trial focused on pediatric sarcomas.

Through My Eyes: Osteosarcoma Survivor Thrives in College After Battling Cancer

“Through My Eyes” is a series in which those affected by childhood cancer share a behind-the-scenes look into the ripple effect cancer has in their lives.

Through My Eyes: Behind the Mind of a Teenager Fighting Cancer & Social Anxiety

17 years old. Terrified. Exhausted. On his second time around the cancer block, Nicholas speaks out on what it’s like being a teenager fighting cancer struggling with Asperger Syndrome. This stage 4 osteosarcoma warrior had the courage to step out of his comfort zone to publicly talk about his anxiety. We hope you will take time to read his perspective. It’s real. It’s raw… just like childhood cancer.