Through My Eyes: This is Childhood Cancer

Through My Eyes is a series in which those affected by childhood cancer share a behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

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Levine Children’s Hospital has become an important player in bringing better outcomes for kids fighting rare pediatric cancer.  But there is still that nagging problem… funding. Without funding, application of science to the development of new treatments won’t happen. We can’t create the change these kids so desperately need without your support.

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Take action & join us at an event to help bring change for kids with cancer. We have both ISF events and Partner events scheduled bringing much needed funds to rare pediatric cancer research.

Cancer Messed With…

50% of every ‘Cancer Messed With’ purchase benefits pediatric cancer research. Shirts, hats & accessories to show your support for those fighting cancer.

Over the past year, Madison, now age 6, was in the deep throes of battling osteosarcoma, a rare pediatric bone cancer. In that same year, Madison, learned to walk again, completed kindergarten, stole the heart of Duff Goldman from Kids Baking Championship and most importantly, beat cancer. That’s a big list of accomplishments for one little girl.

Madison and her family recently returned from her Make a Wish trip to Los Angeles. Her wish was to meet Duff Goldman, a silly and bald baker. And what happened? They became best friends of course! We love that not only did Madison’s family purchase CMW shirts to wear on their trip…they bought one for Duff too!

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