The Isabella Santos Foundation is a tax-deductible 503(c) that was created in honor of Isabella Santos who lost her battle to Neuroblastoma. The goal of the foundation is to raise money and awareness for rare solid tumor cancer research, provide financial assistance to families with children who are suffering from cancer as well as provide financial support for organizations that support children with cancer.

Isabella Santos Foundation Fundraising Categories

People across the country are raising money for solid-tumor cancer research and treatments. We currently have 3 fundraising buckets for you to choose from. Most users will click the center button to sign up for a 5k, 10k and Fun Run page through FirstGiving.

What is your Why?

“People are always asking me why I’m so passionate about raising money for cancer research, treatment, and patient services. I have many but this started it off. I always thought (and still do) that my brother, Mike McBride, was the greatest athlete in the world. When I was young, Mike, my Dad, and I would watch pro football on Sunday afternoon. I remember my Dad saying he would see Mike play on Sunday too. I wanted him to think I was good too…