Isabella Keeps Bringing Them In

It’s still hard to believe that our little 5K for Kids Cancer event went from raising $7,000 in 2008 to just over $200,000 last year!  Here we are moving into our 6th year and feet are pounding the pavement at full speed ahead convinced that we will do it again!  A couple of us have been here from the beginning, many of us stepped in during the middle.  But one thing is for sure…we are all here for our passion of one little girl and the three wishes she left behind:  Beat Cancer, Grow Hair, Live My Dreams.  As we grow as a foundation we have had growing pains, we step on each other’s toes, we roll eyes during meetings, we laugh a lot…but at the end of the day it’s fulfilling to be able to sit back and say as a team…WOW, we are part of something really great.

StMartin_smallWe are extremely lucky to have such passionate people that work and volunteer endless hours for the foundation and specifically on our 5K for Kids Cancer event.  We feel even more thankful that they keep coming back year after year!   We know we have passionate people working on the foundation, so what do we need to make this puzzle complete?  Passionate community businesses.  Isabella has always been a driving force in securing sponsors.  People have always just wanted to be a part of something with her at the center.  However, this year is different with Isabella no longer standing beside us.  We were nervous that without her, this would all fall apart at the seams.  What we witnessed in the last couple of months  was absolutely amazing.  Businesses were jumping at the chance to be a part of it in Isabella’s honor to continue to carry out her wish that other children  share of beating cancer.  So with that, we are thrilled to have St. Martin Blue as our 2013 presenting sponsor.

Why did St. Martin Blue decide to get involved?

 “I learned about Isabella’s plight in 2011 from a mutual friend.  While initially devastated to hear about Isabella’s prognosis and the dark days that the family will encounter, I was left thoroughly inspired by the strength of Isabella and her family as I followed Isabella’s fight. In a circumstance devoid of understanding and acceptance, Isabella and her family demonstrated a rare feat of strength, courage and solidarity.  They rallied around misfortune and set a path to dramatically help and improve the lives of others while continuing their courageous battle .  They acted in the spirit of helping others while mired in their own dark storm.  The inspiration that we have witnessed needs to be further sown and grown to continue the outreach by Isabella’s legacy and by her proud parents.

 It is our company mission to ensure the outreach is as wide and as far spread as possible and that the goals of the Isabella Santos Foundation are achieved and annually augmented.  We want to support and bolster the effort and goals for the Santos family to ensure that the divine imprint of Isabella radiates brilliantly and continues to shine for those in need.

 St Martin Blue is inspired and thoroughly delighted to proudly sponsor the achievements and goals of the Isabella Santos Foundation.  Pediatric cancers, especially Neuroblastoma, continue to devastate families throughout the world.  The fight against Pediatric Cancer needs far greater support to ensure that medical treatments continue to advance while ensuring afflicted families are ensured the emotional and financial support that they will need.”  – Kate, St. Martin Blue 

What does St. Martin Blue do?


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We at the Isabella Santos Foundation believe firmly in supporting organizations that give back.  It takes a pretty amazing company to stand behind organizations like ours and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.  Through the years, many local business that sponsor our events or donate to our raffles have found new customers for life with us.  St. Martin Blue has earned our respect and admiration for joining in our fight to make a difference and we are so grateful to have them as the Presenting Sponsor for this year’s 5k for Kids Cancer.  🙂

Thank you St. Martin Blue for your partnership with us and we look forward to an exciting year together!