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The contest is open March 1, 2019 through March 27, 2019.

The Impact of Losing a Best Friend

Isabella & Soleil

Saturday, March 9 marks what would have been Isabella’s 14th birthday. It’s also when the Isabella Santos Foundation is teaming up with the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas (CBCC) to host several community blood drives to honor the life and legacy of Isabella.

It seems only fitting that one of the March 9 community blood drives will be hosted by Stephanie Foreman, the mother of Isabella’s best friend, Soleil. It will take place from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Overture Cotswold located at 4830 Randolph Road in Charlotte.

“This blood drive is a great opportunity to bring people together to honor Isabella,” said Stephanie. “Knowing Isabella really opened my eyes about the importance of blood donation. I learned that it’s not just for accidents, but also for cancer patients and others in our community.” 

The Impact of Losing a Best Friend

Isabella & Soleil

Soleil and Isabella became the best of friends after meeting in pre-school at age two and discovering they lived in the same neighborhood. They hit it off and did play dates, sleepovers and even combined birthday parties (Soleil’s birthday is March 2). 

“The girls were inseparable,” said Stephanie. “They were opposite and so cute together.”

Isabella’s cancer diagnosis and journey had a profound impact on Stephanie and Soleil, who had to learn at a very young age what cancer was. It became very normal for Soleil to visit and have play dates with Isabella at Levine Children’s Hospital.

The impact of Isabella’s passing still affects Soleil today who, even after seven years, still struggles with the trauma of losing her best friend. Not only did Soleil endure the split of her parents a year and a half prior, but then her best friend passing away. The once bubbly young girl became more introverted and anxious. 

Isabella’s passing also affected “Miss Stephanie” – Isabella’s term of endearment for Stephanie – who had anxiety attacks for two years. For Stephanie, it was like losing a daughter as she and “Ibba” shared a close bond. 

Isabella & Miss Stephanie

The Healing Process

With therapy and loving guidance from her mom, Soleil is communicating better, is more open to volunteering at ISF and is excited for the March 9 blood drive to honor her best friend. Through events like the blood drive, Soleil is able to see how much good has come from Isabella’s life.

Stephanie and her girls, Soleil and Ciel, have remained involved in ISF since its inception from participating in the race and volunteering. While Stephanie has been a loyal blood donor, she wanted to do more by hosting this community blood drive to honor Isabella and to help others. 

“The ISF team amazes me and I am so proud of them. I remember when this all started. To see where the organization is today is unreal with what they have done and what they are doing,” said Stephanie. “It takes away the pain in my throat when I see ISF’s accomplishments and how they are carrying on Isabella’s legacy.”

CBCC will also be raffling off $100 gift cards to donors who schedule their March 9 appointment prior to the day of the drive. Schedule your appointment online for all locations or call 1-888-59BLOOD.

A Cancer Mom’s Favorite Lame Excuses for Why People Can’t Give Blood

Tell a mom whose child passed away from cancer you can’t give blood… she will reply back with a snarky remark. Simply put, blood products give cancer patients a chance to fight back from the cancer that is trying to take them down.

Isabella endured five relapses with high-risk neuroblastoma before passing away at 7-years old in 2012. The countless blood products she received helped her avoid infections, treat anemia, avoid excessive bleeding during surgery and helped her stay strong during chemo treatments.  Join us and book your appointment now for our largest blood drive on March 9th.

Enjoy Erin Santo’s roundup of all time favorite lame excuses why people can’t give blood…

A Cancer Mom’s Favorite Lame Excuses for Why People Don’t Give Blood, by Erin Santos


  • “I’m good.” (What does this even mean?)
  • “I’m scared of needles.” (because Isabella wasn’t)
  • “I need my blood.” (you will get punched for this one)
  • “I’m anemic.” (we’ll check your iron)
  • “I have enough, don’t need to give any.” (I kid you not on this one)
  • “I just got a tattoo.” (urban myth)
  • “I am diabetic.” (urban myth)
  • “I have high blood pressure.” (relax already)
  • “I’m on too many medications.” (we’ll check this for you)
  • “I’ll pass out.” (no you won’t)
  • “I had a bad experience in 1980.” (really?)
  • “My veins are too small.” (I doubt it)
  • “I am too busy.” (come on, aren’t we all)
  • “My doctor said I shouldn’t.” (lie)
  • “I’m too old.” (are you breathing?)
  • “I don’t want to feel bad afterwards.” (eat beforehand)
  • “I already gave this year.” (you can give every 56 days)
  • “I have never done it before.” (my favorite… try something new)


  • Cancer patients are the #1 recipients of blood products.
  • One local children’s hospital alone requires nearly 300 unit of red blood cells & more than 100 units of platelets each month.
  • You can donate full blood every 56 days, which translates into every 8 weeks.
  • Each whole blood donation (1 pint) has the potential to save up to 3 lives.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured

Join us March 9th for our LARGEST blood drive yet with Community Blood Center of the Carolinas.  Multiple locations throughout the Charlotte region. All donors who schedule their appointment for one of the ISF blood drives before March 9th will be entered into a raffle for a $100 iTunes gift card!

All presenting donors March 9th will receive an Isabella Santos Center blanket, a special T-shirt, a Cancer Messed With discount card and a Jersey Mike’s cookie! Donors will also be entered to win the following giveaways

Providence Plastic Surgery Botox Charity Event- EXTENDED TO MARCH 1ST

PARTNER CHARITY EVENT  |  Click here to purchase online


Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center is giving back to the Charlotte pediatric cancer community! During this limited time offer, February 16-23, you can purchase up to 250 units of Botox at $10 per unit with $5 per unit benefiting the Isabella Santos Foundation. An easy way to make an impact and raise funds for rare pediatric cancer right here in Charlotte.

Botox Charity Event with Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, February 16-23

Our Kind of Charity Event. Designer Heels, Handbags & Mimosas.

Handbags, Heels, and Horsepower is just a couple days away… Thursday, November 15th.  Hang with your girlfriends with mimosas in hand… while surrounded by 30 beautiful designer handbags and heels that will be up for raffle to help raise money for rare pediatric cancer research.

The Charlotte Auto Show and Isabella Santos Foundation have partnered together for the Handbags, Heels and Horsepower event Thursday, November 15 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Jenn Jackson and Erin Santos stopped by WCCB Rising this morning to talk about the event.

Tickets include: 

  • Admission
  • One raffle ticket
  • Free parking at the NASCAR Hall of Fame (arrive early, parking will be based on availability)
  • Beverages & breakfast.  

But make sure to increase your odds of winning that coveted handbag or heel and purchase additional raffle tickets.  If purchased prior to November 15th, raffle tickets will be available for pick up during check-in of Handbags, Heels & Horsepower with your name/number already written on them. Believe us… that will be a huge time saver for you!