The Isabella Santos Foundation

It was Isabella’s dream to Beat Cancer, Grow Hair, and Live Her Dreams. Although research and advanced treatments didn’t come in time for her dreams to come true, her legacy is pushing us to give others a fighting chance against rare pediatric cancer.

In 2009, ISF was established through Isabella’s parents to raise awareness and research funds for Neuroblastoma and received it’s 501(c)(3) status in 2010. At the time, Isabella’s parents were in hopes that ISF could help fund research projects potentially to save Isabella’s life. Although Isabella is no longer with us, we hope another child can be saved and will continue to raise money and awareness for the awful disease that stole her life.

ISF is dedicated to improving rare pediatric cancer treatment options in an effort to increase survival rates of kids with cancer. Over the course of twelve years, ISF has funded nearly $4 million toward expanding the scope of research and treatment, and supporting families dealing with cancer in a variety of ways.

We are grateful for our supporters near and far.  With every year out from Isabella’s life, less of our supporters knew her.  But you still believe in us and support kids fighting cancer in her honor. From financial donations of any amount to attending an ISF event.  From fundraising with  Isabella’s Run Team to becoming an MIBG ambassador.  From simply sharing our social media content to telling your neighbor about Isabella or ISF.  It all matters… every single bit of it brings awareness and inspires change.  Stayed updated on what our team is working on through our monthly update on the ISF SKINNY.

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