I Run for a Cure

It’s amazing how someone can impact your life forever.  For Christine Brent, it started almost a decade ago.  Christine met The Santos’ when they were expecting Isabella.  She helped Erin decorate her nursery, she knew when Isabella was diagnosed with cancer, and she...

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Exercise to Help Save Lives

Exercise.  Whether we run, go to the gym, attend a yoga class, or simply power walk – we all exercise for a reason.  Most of the time, it’s the obvious reasons . . .   Stay healthy.  Lose weight.  Challenge yourself to see if you can do it.  Relieve stress.  Gain...

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Nothing Better Than Summer Camp

Camp CARE... a weeklong summer camp to give kids fighting cancer, their siblings, and their family support. An emotionally safe place to just be and loads of memories. When children are diagnosed with cancer, a part of their childhood is ripped away from them. They...

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Bring Your Friends & Breakfast Run

There are friends.  And there are running buddies.  Sometimes the two intertwine.  Sometimes they don’t.  But both are equally important when you are determined to train and run the race of your dreams.  So what’s the difference? Running buddies.  They run with you. ...

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