Beat. Grow. Live. Awareness Ambassador

Program Sponsor: Oneblood

Our Beat. Grow. Live. Ambassadors move the needle by fundraising within their network to not only spread the word of the ISF mission, but by committing to raise $5,000 by the end of the year. This is a rewarding way to participate in funding the research and treatment that is needed to help children and families Beat Cancer, Grow Hair and Live their dreams.  We look to our ambassadors as being an advocate for kids fighting cancer and their feet-on-the-street.  Sharing their stories. Starting conversations.  Fundraising for them to bring change to rare childhood cancers.

Through our partnership with Oneblood you will also learn how donating blood and encouraging others to donate can raise funds in this fight. Together we can help kids Beat Cancer., Grow Hair, and Live Their Dreams.

Through our partnership with OneBlood you will learn how donating blood and encouraging others to donate can raise funds in the fight against pediatric cancer. Blood and platelets play a critical role in cancer treatment.  Our partnership with OneBlood lead to the opening of a new center, named after Isabella, allowing OneBlood to offer an even more convenient donation experience for donors in South Charlotte and down into South Carolina.

Awareness Ambassadors will help bring much needed pediatric cancer research to Levine Children’s Hospital by fundraising within your network. It’s simple… sign up, set up your own fundraising goal and tune into ISF social media channels all month long. Read every perspective and share it among your networks.  Talk about it.  Ask for donations.  We will publish dozens of stories that deserve to be read and heartbreaking photos that will open eyes.

Help us fight for our future and be part of the solution – from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship.

The freedom is yours to fundraise the way you wish from wine parties, garage sales or sending letters to your network but ISF is here to help you along the way. 

Benefits of becoming an Awareness Ambassador:

  • Tangibly see what you are raising money for and where it goes!
  • Work your way towards different benchmarks to earn meaningful gifts
  • Shoot for the Top Fundraiser award
  • Join Ambassadors at the end of the year for a special lunch
  • Most of all… know you are making a difference in the lives of children and families in the fight against rare pediatric cancer!

It’s never too young to start making a difference.  Kids helping kids is powerful! Join the Jr Ambassador team and help move the dial forward for rare pediatric cancer treatments in Charlotte. Jr. Ambassadors set their own goals and fundraise anyway that would like: Parties, raffles, birthday “gifts” on their birthday.

Sign up to become an Awareness Ambassador by clicking ‘Become a Fundraiser’ below. Questions? Contact Chrissy at

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