Pounding for Parker

Parker and his brother

It’s no wonder why so many people are pounding for Parker. His strength, resiliency and determination are such an inspiration.

Parker was nearly seven years old when diagnosed with a very rare tumor on his spine. His cancer, which originated between one of his vertebrae, runs from his tail bone up into his lower brain. Because the tumor was mixed in with nerves in his spinal column, it was too risky to remove. So Parker underwent two different types of chemotherapy, which he completed in May 2017.

He also has more nerve damage in his left hand, but doesn’t let that stop him. Today, the fun-spirited nine-year-old is in third grade and has resumed school and his favorite sport – lacrosse. As part of his ongoing therapy, Parker continues to get monthly checkups and quarterly MRIs at Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s Hospital.

“He’s doing really well; living life like a normal kid and being a great big brother,” said his mom, Allison. “He has lots of energy, a good sense of humor and is very driven.”

Pounding for Parker Foundation check presentation to Levine Children’s Hospital

Because Parker may need additional therapy in the future and that there is no cure for his disease, his parents – Allison and Jonathan – launched the Pounding for Parker Foundation in 2017. The Foundation hosts an annual golf tournament, gala and other community events to raise funds to advance research for pediatric brain tumors and improve the quality of life for childhood cancer survivors. In its first year, the Pounding for Parker Foundation presented $100,000 to the Levine Children’s Hospital Brain Tumor Survivorship Clinic.

Among the organization’s fundraisers this year is the Pounding For Parker Foundation Gala. It will take place on Thursday, October 4 at 7:00 p.m. at Sweet Magnolia Estate in Cornelius. There will be a silent and live auction, chef-prepared food stations, beer, wine and live music. In addition, the silent auction will be online starting Thursday, September 27. For more information, to purchase tickets and to check out the silent auction, visit https://poundingforparker.org/event/.

“We’re excited to be in the Charlotte community and to give back to Levine Children’s Hospital,” said Allison. “Our doctors are like family and have really been there for us. We want to do everything we can to find a cure for pediatric brain tumors and come up with solutions for the many issues that pediatric cancer survivors face.”

A Lasting Presence

David Lieberman, ISF MIBG Ambassador

Isabella’s presence is POWERFUL.  In David Lieberman’s case, his nieces went to Calvary with Isabella.  David’s sister-in-law shared Isabella’s story with him, and he has been involved with ISF ever since.  

First it started off that his family participated in the annual ISF 5K every year.  “It felt tremendously good to be a part of something bigger than me.”  As David’s passion grew stronger and stronger, he continued to give back to ISF on a much larger level.  Giving back to ISF is “an opportunity to play a small role in the lives of people that are dealing with pediatric cancer.”

Even though David’s family has not been affected by cancer, he has known people who have battled it during their lifetime.  “It is highly probable that cancer will take someone that I love so I am choosing to be proactive in the fight to find a cure.”

David became an ISF MIBG Ambassador, with a goal to raise $5,000 for ISF.  You can help David reach his goal by participating in his raffle.  For $20, you receive 2 raffle tickets where you have a chance to win great prizes and gift cards.  Winners are announced on November 3rd.  For more details, visit www.JoinDavidFightCancer.com.  

That’s ACTION, David, thank you for representing ISF as a MIBG Ambassador.  Isabella thanks you!

MIBG Ambassador

Levine Children’s Hospital will now be 1 of 20 hospitals (and the first in the region) to have a MIBG Treatment room in the U.S.  The two-room MIBG suite, which will include a lead-lined patient room and an anteroom for parents and caregivers, will provide targeted radiation to pediatric neuroblastoma patients and other rare pediatric cancers with minimal side effects.  As the new MIBG treatment suite continues to progress under construction, we want to ensure that we are preparing for the kids and families who will be entering this program.  New in 2018, we have developed a fundraising program focused on MIBG Therapy – the MIBG Ambassador.  Our goal for 2018 is to have 20 members collectively raising $100,000 for this initiative.  If you are interested in becoming an MIBG Ambassador, please email info@isabellasantosfoundation.org.  

MIBG Construction Update #5, Levine Children’s Hospital

MIBG Therapy Room, Patient/parent room dividing lead brick wall with ISF signed brick

25,000 lbs of lead bricks… that’s a whole lot of lead. But that is the necessary requirements to protect and manage MIBG Therapy safely for patients, family and staff.  Construction of the ISF MIBG Treatment Suite at Levine Children’s Hospital is progressing on schedule.  We got another peak at the room and how far it has come since we were there in early July and got to talk with MIBG Therapy Program Lead, Dawn, about her MIBG training and mock trial plans once construction wraps up. We are getting close!

10,000 pounds of lead brick has been installed in the adjoining wall between the patient and parent room.  Back in March when we announced the Therapy Suite, many of our 3 Wish Circle Members and sponsors signed a lead brick to commemorate the significance of their part in bringing this type of therapy to our region.  What was also special, doctors and nurses who treated Isabella during her time at Levine Children’s Hospital were in attendance and signed the brick.  We were excited to see where the ISF signed lead brick will be placed in the patient/parent room dividing wall (white brick in photo)… drywall goes up next week and it will become a lasting print in Levine History!


  • Patient & parent bathroom framing
  • Plumbing install
  • ISF signed lead brick placement
  • Drywall starts next week


Over $21,000 has been raised by our ISF MIBG Ambassadors.  Want to be part of providing comfortable care for the kids/families that go through MIBG Treatment?  Our new MIBG Ambassador Program gives you the flexibility of raising $5,000 the way you want to raise it… 100% of funds raised through this program will be distributed very specifically through our LCH partnership with this very targeted MIBG purpose. {You do not have to be located in Charlotte to participate, contact Tia for details}

MIBG Therapy Room, Patient bathroom framing

MIBG Therapy Room, ISF signed lead brick



MIBG Therapy Room, ISF signed lead brick. Dawn Bartock & Rachel Wood

MIBG Therapy Room, Patient lead brick wall

MIBG Therapy Room, entrance to patient room. Parent door to the left


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