$7,500 Granted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for DIPG Research

Family time and making memories is what the Barron family, whose daughter has DIPG, cherishes the most.  Thank you to Small Hands Big Art for inviting 4-year old DIPG warrior, Mackenzie, and her family in 2019 to their children’s art studio to create beautiful keepsake items.  A fun and family filled afternoon lead to several priceless art pieces for the family to hold close to their hearts forever.  We were fortunate enough to snag extra custom pieces of art to auction off at our 2019 Pumpkin Charity Ball at the end of October! 

$7,500 was raised during our live auction from the two beautiful pieces of art the Barron girls created!  Right before 2019 closed out we were excited to grant this $7,500 to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Hematology And Oncology Unit for DIPG research.  Mackenzie is currently participating in a DIPG trial at Cincinnati Children’s and this grant was made in her honor!

More about these paintings:  Mackenzie’s painting was inspired by rainbow arches and the girls selected a variety of joyful colors to paint with.  Mackenzie’s favorite spot on the paint was a section of pink and white rainbow arches towards one of the longer edges that is reminiscent of a flower.  This piece was created with Acrylic Paint.

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