2020… The Year of Change

Things are changing around here and we couldn’t be more excited about the direction we are headed. We are updating our brand, our logo, our mission and our giving strategy. Rest assured, we are staying on the same path as always, but we want you, as our supporter and donor, to have the opportunity to give to the area of our mission that speaks to you the most. Some of you might have a tie to a specific cancer, a strong feeling to help fund a trial in tribute of a loved one or simply believe in donating to give pediatric cancer lasting change. Whatever it is, we want you to feel good about the impact you are helping to make.

Our primary focus will continue to be on developing the ISF Rare and Solid Tumor Program at Levine Children’s. The only way to implement true change in the outcome of kids fighting rare pediatric cancer is through science and we believe Levine Children’s is on the brink of cultivating change here in Charlotte and beyond. But, we also know that there are so many pieces to the rare pediatric puzzle. Our vision is to inspire a 360 degree impact for these kids… from diagnosis, to treatment and ultimately, to survivorship. 

Behind the scenes, our team has been working through this vision for quite awhile and talking about a way to piece it all together. At the end of 2019, ISF was rocked to the core with the deaths of two very special kids…Madison Fedak and Corey Morgan. So in honor of them, we have selected national tribute grants to focus on during the first quarter to help impact Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcoma, the two rare cancers that they fought so bravely against. For us, this is just the beginning. 

We are so excited to release what we have spent months working on in honor of all the Isabellas, Madisons, Coreys, Brinns, Merritts, Nicholoas’ and Maxs out there! Stay tuned, we have so much to share next month. 

Together we can help kids Beat Cancer, Grow Hair, and Live Their Dreams.