MIBG Treatment Room Coming Soon!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Isabella’s birthday eve. Today ISF officially committed to bringing an MIBG treatment room home to Levine Children’s Hospital. Happy birthday sweet girl… You are sorely missed but still changing the world and helping us move the needle in your honor.

So raising one million dollars is a HUGE goal. But we have one HUGE advancement that we are trying to bring to local kids. Isabella received MIBG therapy in Philadelphia when she was filled with cancer and it destroyed it all. We want to bring this treatment to Charlotte and new promising trials are testing the effectiveness of this treatment earlier in the diagnosis. This could be a game changer for our local kids and we are excited to make this happen. Did we mention that it has low side effects and is pain free? Yep.

We will be educating our supporters all year long about MIBG and we hope you will help make this happen.

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