Meet ISF Intern Class of 2020

We are having so much fun with our ISF Summer Intern Class and love the new energy they have brought to our team. Smart, creative and passionate… we are blown away with what these high school and college students are accomplishing.  

Our 5 Intern Teams are competing against each other throughout the summer to create creative content, build the largest (& widespread) race team, and raise the most funds… all to bring awareness and action for rare pediatric cancer. Each week they are given a weekly challenge.  As their first team assignment each Intern Team created a video and blog to introduce themselves to you…our supporters!  They were featured on our social channels in June.

Meet Our ISF Intern Teams  

Happy Feet, Lead by Emily Mecia (UNC)

Kicking Cancer’s Cath, Lead by Brendi Bluitt (Graduate Student, UNCC)

Purple Cancer Eaters, Lead by Ashton Barlow (College of Charleston)

The Curesaders, Lead by Jack Davis (UNCC)

Three Wish Warriors, Lead by Zoe Pudela (UNC)