ISF Lead Intern Class of 2020

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ISF Lead Intern Class of 2020

Today our ISF Intern Class of 2020 officially kicked off! This is going to be so much fun and we hope you will help us cheer them on throughout the summer! We have 5 extremely energetic, bright and passionate summer Intern Leads who will be working through the summer to help us bring awareness and action to pediatric cancer. Each Lead intern has selected a team of volunteer interns (51 total!) and the teams will be competing throughout the summer. All 5 teams will be competing by developing creative content, building the largest (& widespread) race teams possible and fundraising… all to bring awareness and create impact for rare pediatric cancer.

Thank you to Tim Miner of Charlotte Is Creative for helping us kick things off and being todays video guest speaker! Tim talked to our Intern Class about being creative in a digital world and standing apart.

As their first weekly challenge each team has been asked to develop a creative way to introduce themselves to you… our supporters! Each team has a team name, logo and stories to share. We look forward to sharing their creative introductions with you next week!

ISF Intern Leads:
-Brendi, UNCC Grad Student
-Jack, UNCC Junior
-Zoe, UNC Sophomore
-Ashton, College of Charleston Sophomore
-Emily, UNC Sophomore[/av_textblock]

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