ISF Digital Impact Update Recording with Dr. Sholler & Dr. Oesterheld, (Feb 4, 2021)

Levine Children’s pediatric oncologists provide an update on childhood cancer research happening in Charlotte

In honor of World Cancer Day on February 4th, Isabella Santos Foundation hosted a 30-minute Zoom Update to give supporters a chance to meet Dr. Sholler & Dr. Oesterheld, two pediatric oncologists who are making waves together in the pediatric cancer research community at Levine Children’s.  Thank you to those who joined us!

Kids are traveling to Charlotte from all over the U.S and from other countries to have access to the new precision medicine program at Levine Children’s.  On the Feb 4th Digital Impact Update recording, you will hear an update on the ISF Rare & Solid Tumor Program, up-and-coming pediatric cancer studies and trials, and our Executive Director, Erin, talking with the Dr.’s about specific questions asked from the audience.

Couple of key takeaways:

  • Tumor models are being established for pediatric cancers:  samples will be collected and banked for every child diagnosed with cancer at Levine Children’s.  Samples will also be collected if a child relapses as tumors change over time.  This model and sequencing will help create new treatment options for each individual patient that targets their specific needs.
  • A new study has opened at Levine Children’s using DFMO in Medulloblastoma as maintenance therapy (Phase II Clinical Trial)
  • 3F8 Antibody therapy will be available at Levine Children’s in 3 weeks.  The drug targets tumor cells that have survived chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The antibody helps stimulate a patient’s own immune system to destroy the residual neuroblastoma cells.
  • Ewings Sarcoma phase 1 study for relapsed Ewings patients is currently in development at Levine Children’s.  The expectation is to be up and running in 6-12 months with Dr. Erin Trovillion, the latest sarcoma Dr. to join the ISF Rare & Solid Tumor team.
  • Neuroblastoma/DIPG clinical trial piloting at Levine Children’s and in Florida.  The trial will evaluate treating children with recurrent neuroblastoma and newly diagnosed DIPG with a combination of precision medicine and immunotherapy.  Several foundations are coming together to fund this large trial, ISF is helping fund the neuroblastoma arm through proceeds from our Star Light Star Bright Luminary Dedication Event.

“Thank you for coordinating the session this evening. While I did not understand all the medical terminology (wowza they are a dynamic duo of scientific minds) the message of a true need for research was clear. Andrew is alive because of research that came before the time he needed it. Dr. O and the Levine team has access to proven methods of research to treat infant neuroblastoma patients. Oh what a gift ISF and this team is giving to families.” -Kelly, Cancer Mom to Andrew