ISF Intern Class of 2020: Video Commercials for Pediatric Cancer

2020 ISF Intern teams were assigned a 2-week creative challenge… to create a short video commercial for pediatric cancer awareness.  Each of the 5 teams worked to create, storyboard and develop their message through video. Each of the videos were so very different, we are so proud of what the teams accomplished.

The ISF Intern Video challenge winner is… Team Purple Cancer Eaters!

Several of our ISF Board of Directors reviewed the videos and collectively agreed on the challenge winner. One of our board members stated… “ I chose the Purple Cancer Eater’s video because the storytelling method was compelling, creative and concise.”

Team Purple Cancer Eaters, Lead by Ashton Barlow (College of Charleston)

Team Happy Feet, Lead by Emily Mecia (UNC)

Team Three Wish Warriors, Lead by Zoe Pudela (UNC)

Team Kicking Cancer’s Cath, Lead by Brendi Bluitt (Graduate Student at UNCC)

Team The Curesaders, Lead by Jack Davis (UNCC)