ISF Intern Class of 2021, Week 6 Update

ISF INTERN CLASS of 2021, WEEK 6 UPDATE: 💲9️⃣5️⃣,1️⃣7️⃣2️⃣

ISF Summer Intern Program powered by OrthoCarolina. Motivation Ortho tip of the week: Take a rest day. Rest days give your muscles time to heal from the stress of physical activity while giving your mind an opportunity to reset.

WOW! In just one week our interns have managed to not only hit $90,000 raised, but go over that number hitting $95,000. This is an incredible accomplishment and we are so proud of everything they have been able to do. Even though our program is slowing down and coming to an end, our teams haven’t stopped their efforts one bit. 

Team First in Fight led by Tenley Nystrom still ranks first on the leaderboard with $22,259 raised. This is the first intern team to hit and surpass $20,000. Following them in second is team Gold Ribbon Gladiators with $16,877 raised. We are hearing behind-the-scenes rumblings that other teams have things coming up the wood works. We can’t wait to see who will pull forward and surprise us in the following weeks. 

A total of 4 sponsorships were secured this week due to the strong efforts of our intern leads and volunteers. Better Together, led by Grace Koch, wrangled in a gold sponsorship from Clean Juice. We could not be more excited for them to come on board this September for our annual 5K. Two silver sponsorships were also secured. One from Gold Ribbon Gladiators (Ryan Brouse) and another from team Going For the Gold (Morgan Caterino). These sponsorships are from Hickory Tavern and Guided Solutions. Last, but certainly not least, a bronze sponsorship from LilBelle, secured by team First in Fight (Tenley Nystrom). Give these teams a little round of applause for their continued efforts to rope in new sponsorships. 

We also want to give a big shoutout to Team First in Fight for receiving a 3 Wish level donation of $2,500. Our 3 Wish Society is comprised of dynamic, committed, and passionate donors who have the influence and resources to significantly impact the efforts of ISF by making a donation of $2,500, $5000, $10,000, or more.  100% of funds donated through 3 Wish is targeted to support the immediate need to build a structure for the Isabella Santos Foundation Solid & Rare Tumor Program to be successful. Team member Halle McKeller was able to obtain this with the help of her dad. Way to go!

Be on the lookout as our teams finish the summer strong, and come up with creative ways to sell their “no more cancer,” and “hate cancer?” buttons. 

Here are our MVP shoutouts for the week: 

🎗 Gold Ribbon Gladiators lead by Ryan Brouse (Auburn): Jordan Jeffreys for her hard work and constant motivation. She also was able to bring in a bunch of donations this week! Way to go Jordan

🎗 First in Fight lead by Tenley Nystrom (UNC): My MVP for the week is Halle McKellar for recruiting a 3 wish member and being a rockstar co-lead 

🎗 Better Together lead by Gracie Koch (UNC): Fletcher! She is working hard all the way until the end and still coming up with fundraising ideas!!

🎗 Cure Chasers lead by Kate Cheek (UNC): Camille White for helping collect raffle items and for always being open to help with whatever tasks our team needs!

🎗 Running for Research lead by Sarah Burton (UNC): Medha Ulagaddi for bringing in two big items for the silent auction!

🎗 Going for the Gold lead by Morgan Caterino (App State): Jackson Smith because he has done an incredible job securing sponsors for the upcoming 5K

🎗 Hope on the Run: Mrunal Dongre for scheduling a percent night at City Barbeque on July 23!

🎗 Dancers Against Cancer lead by Shannon Margies (UNCW): My MVP is Gabi L, again, because she had really big moves on her Flipcause page and is always ready to help.



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