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ISF INTERN CLASS of 2021, WEEK 3 UPDATE: 💲4️⃣5️⃣,6️⃣1️⃣8️⃣

ISF Summer Intern Program powered by OrthoCarolina. Motivation Ortho tip of the week:  Drink lots of water. It’s important to stay hydrated. Hydration is also about what you eat so fruits and veggies work to keep you hydrated, as well.

Tenley Nystrom, First in Fight

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating America and our freedom! After such a productive week it was amazing to see our Interns out having fun! Our intern program powered by OrthoCarolina picked up the pace with their fundraising and outreach efforts. As teams start to really bond and work together we are seeing a lot of creativity emerge. Following the celebration of Isabella’s life last week, the importance of raising money for pediatric cancer became even more clear and important to the team. Each one of them has a passion for helping children in need, and we are excited to see what else they achieve this summer. The Intern Teams collectively jumped from $29K to over $45K from last week!

This week, the unique skill sets of intern leads and volunteers shone through in many ways. Intern lead Shannon Margies (UNCW)  pulled through big time.. Her team, Dancers Against Cancer, is now leading significantly among the teams with $10,332. With their hardwork they were able to secure a platinum sponsor for our annual 5K from Nation Ford Chemical. They also successfully held a giveback night with Frutta Bowls Indian Trail, and are in the process of setting up more fundraising events. Coming up behind Shannon’s team is Ryan Brouse (Auburn) with Gold Ribbon Gladiators raising $6,652 and Tenley Nystrom with First in Fight Raising $6,647. 

Another huge shoutout to team First in Fight lead by Tenley Nystrom for securing two silver sponsorships from Belk and Mr. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. Keep up the good work!

Our teams have set up quite a few fun fundraising events that we want to highlight. Natalie Van Noy’s team Hope on the Run has secured give-back nights with Tiff’s Treats and Shake Shack. They are also in the process of setting up events at Panera bread and Orangetheory. We are so excited to keep you all updated with how these events go and share with you any more events and ideas our teams bring to the table. 

Congrats to our Week 3 MVP’s:

🎗 Gold Ribbon Gladiators lead by Ryan Brouse (Auburn): Sophie Smith for setting up a possible giveback fundraising event with Hickory Tavern. 

🎗 First in Fight lead by Tenley Nystrom (UNC): Micheala Tse for securing a silver sponsorship with Mr. Tokyo.

🎗 Better Together lead by Gracie Koch (UNC): Ella Patackis for making big gains in fundraising and planning a personal fundraising event. 

🎗 Cure Chasers lead by Kate Cheek (UNC): Morgan Weintraub for going above and beyond with fundraising, as well as for being an extremely engaged and communicative team member. 

🎗 Running for Research lead by Sarah Burton (UNC): Medha Ullagaddi and Rhea Rao for planning a creative movie night fundraiser that not only they, but the rest of the team, can participate in! They have also been so on top of things this week and were always the first to respond and offer to help out!

🎗 Going for the Gold lead by Morgan Caterino (App State): Jackson Smith for all his fundraising efforts well as his creativity and dedication with our product pitch.

🎗 Hope on the Run lead by Natalie VanNoy (Queens University): Nethika Hettiarachchi for being very dedicated to this week’s project and setting up a fundraiser on her own this week.

🎗 Dancers Against Cancer lead by Shannon Margies (UNCW): Brittany Marcus for having a creative fundraising method, going above and beyond for the tasks this week & always being willing to help.



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