Fueling progress

TORCH represents a powerful extension of the legacy of the Isabella Santos Foundation, building upon its established network and community engagement efforts with a focus on improving both the quantity and quality of life for young rare cancer patients beyond Charlotte.

Aimed to complement and broaden the impactful work achieved over the past 17 years and ignite positive change, TORCH will support projects encompassing clinical trials, basic science, survivorship support or a home hospital’s greatest need.

With a $2 million annual funding goal, we will engage with medical teams to ensure proper attention, awareness and action are delivered to every pediatric hospital across the Carolinas.

Basic Science

Fundamental research aimed at understanding the underlying biological mechanisms of these cancers and translating results from basic research into treatments, such as drug development or new therapies.

Clinical Trials

Research studies aimed at answering specific questions about biomedical or behavioral interventions, including new treatments. Clinical trials play a vital role in advancing medical knowledge and improving treatment options, particularly when research and funding may be limited.


Medical care dedicated to relieving pain and distress caused by cancer care, as well as the care required after beating cancer, including managing side effects and potential second cancers.

Leading doctors and researchers at these hospitals have been invited to submit proposals that lead to exceptional patient care and research breakthroughs, illuminating the path toward a healthier future for all.

2024 RFP Recipients for the TORCH Initiative include

Atrium Health, Duke Medical Center, ECU Medical Center, Mission Cancer Center, MUSC, Novant Health, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Prisma Health Columbia, Prisma Health Greenville and Wake Forest Medical Center

2024 Timeline

MAY 15 | Institutions Receive Request for Proposal
JULY 15 | RFP Deadline
AUGUST 15 | Scientific Committee Review Deadline
AUGUST 16-30 | RFP Budget Review
SEPTEMBER 1 | Executive Committee Deadline
DECEMBER 15 | Funds Distributed/Projects Begin

Proposals should be submitted by July 15, 2024, for review by the scientific and executive committees. Grant awards may range up to $250,000, with the possibility of multi-year funding not to exceed 24 months. 

This provides a unique opportunity for researchers to plan and execute research projects with a sense of security and confidence.

To inquire about submitting an RFP to the TORCH Initiative, contact info@isftorch.org

TORCH extends the legacy of ISF, leveraging its vast network and community engagement to advance the fight against rare pediatric cancers. It will complement and expand upon the work that has defined ISF over the last 17 years to spark change in the outcomes for kids fighting rare pediatric cancer. 

“While we will continue to support impactful programs in Charlotte, we believe our reach can be greater by serving thousands of children across the Carolinas battling rare cancers. This growth marks a meaningful step towards transforming the landscape of pediatric cancer research and providing hope to countless young lives worldwide. We are excited to embark on this next chapter.”

Erin Santos-Primis, ISF Executive Director

TORCH Collaborators

Scientific Committee

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration to drive meaningful change. By joining forces with renowned oncologists nationwide, we aim to select up to 10 initiatives annually that bring attention, awareness and action to hospitals across our region.

The 2024 Scientific Committee to be announced soon.

TORCH Awards

This award recognizes an outstanding individual, family, business, or family foundation with a proven record of demonstrating exceptional commitment to ISF’s mission through direct involvement, financial generosity and/or leadership.

Special thanks to our friends at The Savage Way for the custom award.

Join us to ignite a new era in pediatric cancer research.


Be a spark for change.