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ISF INTERN CLASS of 2021, WEEK 4 UPDATE: 💲5️⃣9️⃣,7️⃣1️⃣5️⃣

ISF Summer Intern Program powered by OrthoCarolina. Motivation Ortho tip of the week: Tilt your pelvis forward and backward 10 times or sit as tall as possible on the edge of your chair. Gently push your heels into the floor. Lower your shoulder blades down and back as if trying to place them into your back pockets. Gently contract your abdominal muscles and hold this position for 30 seconds.

Things are really starting to kick in gear for our summer program and these interns are COM-PE-TI-TIVE. It has been amazing seeing this drive and competitive spirit come out among our intern leads and volunteers. And the best part: all the money these teams raise this summer goes towards helping kids with cancer. 

A lot of moves were made over the week to our leaderboard. Front runner Tenley Nystrom (team First in Fight) has successfully passed team Dancers Against Cancer, taking first place with $13,948 raised. Shannon Margies (team Dancers Against Cancer) follows this lead with 11,327 raised. In total, our teams this far have raised nearly $60,000. WOW!

Not only have these teams continued to show determination in raising money through their fundraising pages, they have also managed to wrangle in sponsors for our annual 5K. Team First in Fight was able to secure a platinum level sponsorship with CO-OP Financial Services, and team Going For the Gold secured a bronze sponsorship with Stealth Components. 

This week our intern leads and teams also had the chance to come up with a product ISF could potentially sell, and pitch to the team. We are happy to announce that team First in Fight won this challenge with their “kids supporting kids” button product pitch. All of the ideas brought to the table were very creative and well thought out. We are so proud of them!

This coming week, our teams will be focused on creating content and pushing sign-up’s for the 14th annual ISF 5K for Kids Cancer event. This information and date was just announced this past Friday in our newsletter. Be sure to cheer them on and also sign up to support interns and pediatric cancer. 

Congrats to week 4’s MVP’s. Keep up the good work!

🎗 Gold Ribbon Gladiators lead by Ryan Brouse (Auburn): Martin Sumichrast for always being at the meetings and doing everything I need him to do. He also was our big fundraiser for the week! Keep up the good work Martin! 

🎗 First in Fight lead by Tenley Nystrom (UNC): Halle McKellar for securing a platinum sponsorship, receiving a $1,000 donation, and being an amazing co-lead!

🎗 Better Together lead by Gracie Koch (UNC):  Fletcher! She has been so awesome creating social media content for us. 

🎗 Cure Chasers lead by Kate Cheek (UNC): Macey Petho for creating her beaded bracelet fundraiser and for communicating well with me and our team!

🎗 Running for Research lead by Sarah Burton (UNC):  Shuford Edwards for surpassing his fundraising goal of $2,500 and doubling it to $5,000, making a huge impact for our team!

🎗 Going for the Gold lead by Morgan Caterino (App State): Annabel Lamm for all her help at clean graffiti this week. 

🎗 Hope on the Run lead by Natalie VanNoy (Queens University): Cailtlin M. because she has really stepped up to the plate and is planning a movie night for her neighborhood! So proud of her.

🎗 Dancers Against Cancer lead by Shannon Margies (UNCW):  Kyler! He has done a great job fundraising and is always ready to help.



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