Meet Intern Team The Crusaders

Meet Intern Team The Crusaders What’s up everyone! We are so excited to introduce our team- The Curesaders! Our mission is simple: be bold as we fight rare pediatric cancers & never let good in the world go unnoticed. This summer we are poised to spread the message of the Isabella Santos Foundation to every […]

Thank You to our Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sponsors

Although our Breakfast at Tiffany’s coffee events were canceled this week, we wanted to brag on our business sponsors that not only support us, but support so many others.  We spent months planning for these two inspirational packed mornings and we couldn’t wait to share it with nearly 600 attendees. Many generous business sponsors in the community were equally excited to help us make an impact this week and we are incredibly grateful to each of them for their support.

During this time more than ever community support is critical.  We are thankful for those businesses who have been with us since the beginning, as well as so many new ones who believe in our mission.  We are in this together and know we can help kids fighting beat cancer, grow hair and live their dreams.


A new relationship for us this year is with The JEM Project and we couldn’t be more grateful.  This team of women and their passion inspire us and we appreciate them stepping into the presenting sponsor role for our breakfast events.   

JEM Project is dedicated to improving the welfare of children and women, along with preserving wildlife and the planet. This organization empowers organizations in these areas through charitable giving.