Through My Eyes: Week 2 Results

We hope you are taking the time to read our Through My Eye series this month.  Our month-long childhood cancer series gives you an inside look at what it’s like for kids fighting cancer, their families and those fighting for them.  

Thank you for your support… keep sharing! So far we have raised $15,016 & reached 125,485 people on social this month. We appreciate the action taken and hope to inspire more.

These cancer warriors & their families hear you. They feel the support. We can’t tell you how much little pushes can do in their fight.

“I’ve been honestly overwhelmed by the support, some even from personal groups that followed the page and contacted me or my mom afterward.“ -Nicholas

“To be so young and to be relentlessly committed to each other through THE hardest thing ever is a testament to not only your love for each other,but also your character as individuals. Congratulations on your engagement, Corey and Blythe!” -Paula Takacs Foundation

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Monday 9.9: Behind the Mind of a Teenager Fighting Cancer & Social Anxiety

Wednesday 9.11: What It’s Like to be a Young Adult Living With Cancer

Friday 9.13: What It’s Like to be a Young Adult Supporting a Loved One With Cancer

This week we are sharing perspectives from Levine Children’s oncology staff who are invested in working with kids fighting cancer day in and day out. See what it’s like to be a Pediatric Oncologist, Child Life Specialist & Nurse. Perspectives start Tuesday with Levine Children’s taking over our social accounts.

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