Thank You to our Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sponsors

Although our Breakfast at Tiffany’s coffee events were canceled this week, we wanted to brag on our business sponsors that not only support us, but support so many others.  We spent months planning for these two inspirational packed mornings and we couldn’t wait to share it with nearly 600 attendees. Many generous business sponsors in the community were equally excited to help us make an impact this week and we are incredibly grateful to each of them for their support.

During this time more than ever community support is critical.  We are thankful for those businesses who have been with us since the beginning, as well as so many new ones who believe in our mission.  We are in this together and know we can help kids fighting beat cancer, grow hair and live their dreams.


A new relationship for us this year is with The JEM Project and we couldn’t be more grateful.  This team of women and their passion inspire us and we appreciate them stepping into the presenting sponsor role for our breakfast events.   

JEM Project is dedicated to improving the welfare of children and women, along with preserving wildlife and the planet. This organization empowers organizations in these areas through charitable giving. 





Pediatric Cancer Rages On. So Do We

Like many of you, we have a lot of questions during this challenging time.  As we navigate through this, we keep circling back to one question that we can’t seem to shake. And one that we can’t get past. What happens to the kids who are fighting cancer and fighting for their lives, while life is on hold?

March 24th is finally here and if you would have seen us a few weeks ago, we were buzzing around and beyond excited for this day to arrive to kick off one of our largest fundraising weeks of the year. Although COVID-19 changed our plans, pediatric cancer continues to rage forward and our mission will not waiver.  Now, more than ever we will remain focused on helping bring change to rare pediatric cancer research.

Today our Breakfast at Tiffany’s coffee events, presented by the JEM Project, were set to begin. Two mornings…nearly 600 attendees and our goal was $227,500.

Tomorrow Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving was planned.  One day…42 locations and our goal was $175,000 for the day and $200,000 for the month of March. Ouch. 

That’s an anticipated amount of over $425,000 of our annual goal… by the end of the week. Ouch. 

Just as all of you, we are scared during these uncertain times.  We are scared for all of the cancer families who are fighting to keep their immunocompromised children safe. We are scared for all of the hospitals filled with doctors and nurses, working day in and out.  And although we are scared, we are in this together. We remain hopeful.

Thank those of you who have already donated this month towards our many initiatives before life came to a stop. Over the next several days, we had planned on these events bringing in a significant percentage towards our annual fundraising goal and have been stunned at the turn of events.  If you are able to and feel compelled to donate, we would appreciate your support. Now more than ever. Together we can help kids fighting… beat cancer, grow hair and live their dreams.

💜 Much Love,




VIRTUAL JERSEY MIKE’S LUNCH:  Yes we know, Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving was technically canceled.  But not for ISF! Let’s show our local Jersey Mike’s franchise owners that we still have their back and support by ordering take out!  Invite your co-worker, team or friend and plan on lunch together tomorrow… virtual style! Order for pickup or delivery through the Jersey Mike’s mobile app to make it simple!  We are fortunate that ISF will benefit from all donations made by customers through March 31st… donations can be made through the app or at pickup.

DONATE BLOOD:  If you are healthy and able, drop into your local OneBlood donor center to help replenish the quickly depleting blood supply in your community. Find a donor center near you.

It’s Isabella’s Birthday Month

Isabella Santos, 2005-2012

It’s March, Isabella’s birthday month!  On behalf of a little girl who should have been 15, thank you for supporting her foundation.  Thank you for helping us continue her legacy and make an impact on other kids fighting cancer. It’s March Madness around here, we have something going on all month long to help celebrate our founder.  We hope you will join us in one of the many ways during March. And don’t forget to help us share on our social channels!

Donate & Help us Fund A Wish

It’s our 3rd annual Isabella’s Birthday Wish Fundraiser and we can’t think of a better gift than to honor another child’s wish on what would have been Isabella’s 15th birthday in the month of March. 

We are excited for one of our cancer warriors, as she heads to Disney World to meet Minnie!  Brinn Andrew, 2 ½ years old, is coming to the end of her neuroblastoma treatment plan and continues to thrive. What better way to celebrate than to head to Disney with her family!

If Isabella were here today, we know it would be her wish to pass this experience on to another cancer fighter. Make-A-Wish granted Isabella her wish to go to Disney and gave her the most joyful days of her life. Help us do the same for a kid like Isabella and Brinn.

Donations of all values will allow us to collectively reach our $6,000 fundraising goal and will be gifted to the Make-A-Wish foundation to go towards a child’s wish. Donate

Schedule Blood Donation Appointment With ONEBLOOD, MARCH 7-9

This is our annual gift of life that we are so proud to be a part of. This year, our blood drive will run three days and in multiple locations, making this our biggest one to date!  As a thank you, OneBlood will make a $10 donation to ISF for each confirmed blood donor! It’s a win-win… saving local lives and raising funds for pediatric cancer! Check locations, times and appointments and make your appointment.

Eat Jersey Mike’s Subs All Month Long

March is the 10th annual Jersey Mike’s Subs Month of Giving. Make sure you mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 25th for Day of Giving when 100% of sales are donated to ISF and pediatric cancer. Schedule lunch with a friend, pre-order lunch for your office… every sub counts!  Since 2018 the greater Charlotte area Jersey Mike’s Subs have donated over $300,000 to ISF! Details, March coupons & 43 greater Charlotte area participating locations.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

You can help celebrate Isabella by setting up a Facebook fundraiser in her honor.  Have a birthday this month? Set up a fundraiser. Or simply set one up in honor of Isabella’s birthday!  Set up Facebook Fundraiser.

Order Sweet’s Elderberry Syrup During Sweetgiving, March 1-7

Sweet’s Syrup’s  annual outreach in celebration of their company’s birthday is the first week of March.  During this week, March 1- 7, 20% of Sweet’s Syrup sales will be donated to ISF. Visit Sweet’s online store and purchase their elderberry syrup.


50% of Botox & Dysport in store and onlines sales go back to ISF during the week of March 30 – April 4. Online pre-purchase opportunity starts March 25, keep an eye out on our social channels for details!

Purchase Checkers Hockey Tickets, APRIL 5

Join us at Bojangles’ Coliseum as the Checkers take on the Hershey Bears on Sunday, April 5th. Tickets are just $16, with $5 from every ticket purchased going directly back to ISF! A fun family afternoon.  Purchase tickets.

Simply Donate

New Decade. New Look.

New decade. New look. ISF is evolving and growing.  Just like Isabella would be if she were still here. She would be thinking about her future, getting ready to drive, maybe even getting a job… she’d be growing up. 

And The Isabella Santos Foundation is too.  We are beyond excited about the direction ISF is heading. Every detail from our logo and the colors we use, to our mission and our giving program is evolving with intention and purpose behind every element.   

Hello new logo…

As we evolve as a foundation and honestly as a team, we are feeling a little emotional as we say goodbye to our little girl logo. She has been with us from the beginning and she has shown up in all that we have done to get to this point. 

Over 12 years ago we started with our first logo, an innocent and childlike stick girl, a simple representation of Isabella as she was first diagnosed with cancer. What started out as a stick figure little girl in which Isabella could easily draw and color, became a symbol of her legacy. 

In the beginning it was only about her.  That simple logo moved and shaped into a life of its own.  We have seen her running, drawing and perched up proud at every event and fundraiser and has occupied a front row spot on everything we would print.  Our little girl evolved to a ‘Girl on the World’ because that is how we saw Isabella.  And while It started with her, she is still changing the world. But as we grow, we have realized it has become about others. Others just like her.

It was Isabella’s dream to “Beat cancer, grow hair, and live my dreams.” ISF was founded in her name and dedicates itself to expanding its impact to others, so kids with rare cancers have a fighting chance. It has become about all of them. It is so they can run, draw and take a front row spot at their favorite event. Isabella is the legacy and will always be our little girl. In order to continue changing the world…she would want our focus to be on them.

Updated mission, updated purpose…

You never know you need a foundation like ISF, until it’s too late. As parents focus on fighting for their child, we are working to bring change.  

Over the past 12 years ISF has granted nearly $4 million toward expanding the scope of research and treatment, and supporting families dealing with cancer in a variety of ways.

  • $1.9M+ donated to Levine Children’s (tag)
  • $1.2M+ donated to National Pediatric Cancer Trials & Studies
  • $500K+ donated in Family Support

Our relentless pursuit to help kids Beat Cancer, Grow Hair and Live Their Dreams in Isabella’s honor requires tremendous support from the community and from our donors. Our vision is to inspire a 360 degree impact for kids fighting rare cancers… from diagnosis, to treatment and ultimately, to survivorship.

Introducing the Beat. Grow. Live. Targeted Giving Program which will give you the ability to directly support how you want to impact the fight against pediatric cancer. Whether you have a tie to a specific cancer, a strong feeling to help fund a trial in tribute of a loved one or simply believe in donating to give pediatric cancer lasting change. Whatever speaks to you, we want you to feel the impact of your donation.

Beat Cancer, Investing in Rare Pediatric Cancer Research, 70% of our Mission

Grow Hair, Improving Trials & Studies, 20% of our Mission

Live My Dreams, Supporting Families Affected by Cancer, 10% of our Mission

In Honor of You, DJM

Madison, I wish I could be naming all your new stuffed animals with you right now, so instead I just bought a flamingo and unicorn Squishmallow that I can hold every night. 

Madison was the kind of person that people meet once and are immediately connected to. She was a kid that impacted more in her 7 years than some people do in a lifetime. She had the sweetest voice you have ever heard. What I would do to hear, “Ms. Meredith, I love you”  just one more time.

Then I think about Laura (ironically my mom’s name), Riley (ironically my middle name), and Mickey who are the most loving, giving, selfless, and determined family I ever met in Charlotte. The kind of family I would want to have one day. How could this happen to them? 

It doesn’t make sense and we will never stop missing you, but we are taking action for you and your family. I’m on the ISF board and will be part of the team focusing on raising funds for osteosarcoma trials. We are going to make sure that we find a cure for kids like you with rare pediatric cancers — all in honor of you, DJ M. 🎶  

We used to dance to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana every time she came into Seacrest Studios (we got some pretty incredible moves I must say so). A pretty perfect song for both of us, because there are no limits to how far I’ll go to fight for you and to find a cure for osteosarcoma. #TeamMadison and #TeamISF are behind you forever. 

Together we can help kids Beat Cancer, Grow Hair, and Live Their Dreams.


Meredith, ISF Board Member