Through My Eyes: This is Childhood Cancer

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Through My Eyes: This is Childhood Cancer

Written by Rachel Wood, September 3, 2019

Cancer is killing our future doctors, teachers, mothers and fathers.  Over 15,000 kids will be diagnosed with cancer this year. 46 kids will be diagnosed by the end of today and 4 of those will die.  1 in 285 of you reading this right now will have a child diagnosed. 5 of those children will die.

In the 1960s and ’70s, physicians had few options for children diagnosed with cancer. Yes, some survived, but many of these kids lost their fight because 50 years ago, they simply didn’t know enough about how to treat cancer in kids.

And if it’s not the cancer killing them, it’s the medicine.  The treatments. No child should be dying and suffering from medicines that should be saving their life. Of the ones who do survive, two-thirds suffer from long-lasting chronic conditions as a result of the treatment that saved them.

In the last 50 years, the overall survival rate for children’s cancer has increased from 10% to more than 80%.  For rare cancers, the survival rate is much much lower. How did survival rates increase in just five decades? Research.

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month… we will be bringing you perspective.

By taking in another person’s point of view, we broaden our own.  We hope to open your eyes through unique perspectives to give you a glimpse into fiercely intimate moments of those affected by pediatric cancer.  Instagram takeovers, behind the scenes videos, intimate conversations and thoughts. Discomfort, heartache and silver linings. Fear, tiredness, relief and love.  What will it take to turn your awareness into action?

Follow the Isabella Santos Foundation as we pull back the curtain through the month of September as we view childhood cancer through the eyes of those who live it day to day. We will bring you perspectives of:

  • Cancer Moms & Dads fighting for their child’s life
  • A young adult & teen fighting the unknown that cancer brings
  • Pediatric oncologist & staff invested in bringing change to childhood cancer
  • A cancer family who is fighting a terminal childhood cancer diagnosis

Levine Children’s Hospital has become an important player in bringing better outcomes for kids fighting rare pediatric cancer.  But there is still that nagging problem… funding. Without funding, application of science to the development of new treatments won’t happen. We won’t create change these kids so desperately need.

That’s why we need your support.

Read every perspective. Imagine it was your child. Feel their pain. Talk about it. Ask Questions. Share it. Turn your awareness into action.

Help us fight for our future and be part of the solution – from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship.  Make an impact on these kids stories and help change their outcome.

We Have Stopped Making You Aware, follow our month-long series Through My Eyes: This is Childhood Cancer. We are going to make you aware. We will be sharing stories and perspectives through their eyes.  You won’t be able to look away – because you shouldn’t.

Ways to take action:

  • FUNDRAISE as an Awareness Ambassador
  • REGISTER for the ISF 5K/10K For Kids Cancer event on 9/28


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