First Quarter Fundraising Update

We are excited to announce that The Isabella Santos Foundation has raised $260,000 in the 1st quarter of 2017. We have set a goal of raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS in 2017 for our 10th anniversary.  Your support will help us get our message of hope to more people than ever before and generate much needed research and treatment options to eradicate childhood cancers.
It’s amazing to look back on where we were 6 years ago before Isabella passed away…   “I’m proud of our team and what we have done. Not only do we have the uphill battle every day but we do it in our own style and manage to keep it together the best we can. Not to mention the fact that while running uphill we have managed to raise close to $150,000 for various charities, mainly Neuroblastoma research. My mom and I were talking recently and my mom was saying how hard it is for her to understand all the good that Isabella brings to other people’s lives but how she has to suffer in the process. I’ve always struggled with this as well as I watch other children get to do all the “normal” things of childhood while she is hooked up to toxic treatments. But after thinking about it, I think of all the people in history that have suffered. But through their suffering, it brought something good. Maybe she is just one of those people in our lives that takes the bullet to make us all better people. Or maybe her suffering will help raise awareness and funds that will one day CURE all children. Who knows.” – Isabella’s Mommy, 2011
Thank you to everyone for their passion and support.  It’s pretty darn incredible how far we have come.  We can accomplish so much if we fight cancer together.

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