All-In to Fight Cancer Donates $45,000 to Isabella Santos Foundation

Right before Christmas All-In to Fight Cancer quietly donated $45,000 to ISF! Their contribution allowed us to make the final impact in 2019 to Levine Children’s for the ISF Rare and Solid Tumor Program in the amount of $650,000! Year after year we have been both honored and blown away to be a beneficiary of their annual Texas Hold’em event here in Charlotte. This event was built to honor and continue one man’s legacy, Rob Ubank, who passed away from cancer. Because of this single annual event benefiting multiple local cancer organizations… Rob’s legacy now has fingerprints all of Charlotte.

Thank you All-In-To Fight Cancer for providing significant impact to not only our foundation, but so many other great organizations in our community like Go Jen Go! , ChemoCarsNovant Health, and The Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research! We admire and appreciate your dedication, passion and hardwork!

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