Honor Her Passing Anniversary with Isabella’s Fund

On June 28, 2012, the Santos family faced the unimaginable as they said goodbye to sweet Isabella. The profound weight of that moment is beyond what most parents can fathom, yet it is a harsh reality for many families who have or will be confronted with a rare pediatric cancer diagnosis.

In honor of Isabella’s legacy, we encourage you to honor a loved one by becoming a monthly donor or by making a one-time gift.


Born out of grief, the Isabella Santos Foundation honors the memory of Isabella, who passed away from neuroblastoma in 2012. Despite their devastating loss, Isabella’s family carried their pain forward to accomplish something remarkable. Since its launch in 2007, the organization has been dedicated to supporting families facing rare pediatric cancer diagnoses.

With your support as donors, volunteers and friends, we have transformed unimaginable grief into impactful programs, critical advances in science and assistance for those in need.

In recent months, we’ve shared exciting news about recently launched programs like the TORCH Initiative (Transformational Outcomes for Rare Cancer Heroes). While we cannot wait to share the impact with you, we must pause to remember how and why we began. It all started with Isabella and what we now call Isabella’s Fund.

The core programs of our early years will always be the foundation upon which we are built. Four times a year—on Isabella’s birthday in March, her passing anniversary in June, during Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month in September and on GivingTuesday—we reflect on our journey and celebrate our milestones. These dates remind us of our mission to support children and families grappling with rare pediatric cancers.

Donations to Isabella’s Fund provide vital resources that have an immediate impact. They enable us to work with social workers at area hospitals to offer transportation, food and hotel accommodations to families in crisis. Your contributions allow us to say yes instead of no when families have urgent and unique financial needs. They provide relief and respite in the darkest of times.

When you give to Isabella’s Fund, you join us in our belief that every child deserves the chance of survival. Monthly contributions, in particular, give us the flexibility to address immediate needs and ensure ongoing support for the families at the forefront of our mission.

When you donate in honor of someone special in your life, we’ll send you an image of Isabella’s Fund Crown featuring your loved one’s name(s), which you can download and share via text, email or social media to help raise awareness around our work and carry forward Isabella’s legacy.

Together, we can bring light to the lives of children battling rare pediatric cancers, and no matter how you choose to give, your compassion and commitment are invaluable to ISF and the families we serve.

Thank you for your continued support.

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