Through My Eyes: Final Results

Through My Eyes is a series in which those affected by childhood cancer share a behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to be in their shoes.  Read every perspective. Become aware and donate to help create solutions for kids fighting rare pediatric cancer. 

Remember, it’s not about a month or a gold ribbon…

It’s about Isabella who fought neuroblastoma 5 times and ultimately lost her fight at age 7.

It’s about Madison who just relapsed from osteosarcoma when a tumor was found in her lungs. First time diagnosed, cancer was found in her femur. 6 years old.

It’s about Corey who is fighting stage 4 ewings sarcoma and the doctors recently discovered another spot on his pelvis. 20 years old.

It’s about Merritt who is enduring 42 weeks of chemo due to rhabdomyosarcoma. 2 years old.

It’s about Nicholas who just had a hip replacement because osteosarcoma was found in his bones and lungs for a 2nd time. First time diagnosed, cancer was found in his knee.17 years old.

It’s about Brinn who just finished radiation and moves into phase 3 of her neuroblastoma treatment. 2 years old.

It’s about Max who just learned he is in remission from neuroblastoma, but still has a long road ahead of him with immunotherapy and therapy for how the drugs have affected his mind and body. 3 years old.

It’s about Mackenzie who was diagnosed with DIPG and the doctors gave her 12-18 months to live. 3 years old.

It’s about all the other kids fighting cancer past and present. 

It’s about all their moms and dads who would change places with their child fighting cancer in a heartbeat. Just to remove their pain.

It’s about all the siblings who have been affected by cancer just as much. And forced to watch their brothers and sisters suffer like no-one should.

It’s about all the caregivers and loved ones who silently cook meals, do laundry and bring comfort to kids, young adults and their families fighting.

It’s about all the oncology nurses, child life specialists, pediatric oncologists and everyone on these kid’s cancer care teams invested in their childhood cancer fight day and night.

It’s about listening and being aware.

It’s about bringing kids with cancer hope.

It’s about funding more treatment options.

It’s about ultimately finding a cure.

Thank you for listening, engaging and sharing this month. Thank you for donating. In the month of September, we raised $26,499.95 through the cancer warrior #ThroughMyEyes perspectives. We reached over 300,000 people on social media. We will continue to bring you updates on not only these kids, families and loved ones, but many more. Please continue to listen, engage and share. We count on you to help us open as many eyes as possible.




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