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May 2019

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We are working every single second of May in honor of Cancer Moms everywhere, fighting for their kids. We want to show that ‘Cancer Messed With the Wrong Mom’ and we have their back while they do what they do best. But we need your help and support!

We will be loud this month!  You will hear a lot from us and learn about many of the Cancer Moms in our community and how they define support. If you are a Cancer Mom of a kid fighting cancer and want to share your story and how you define support,  contact us to be featured this month.  We hope you will follow along on our social channels and blog.

We have a BIG fundraising goal this month and we hope you will feel moved to donate or attend one of May Garden Parties.  What if your best friend’s son or daughter was diagnosed with cancer, what would you do?  Donate in honor of a mom.  Donate in honor of a kid.  Your donation to the Isabella Santos Foundation helps fund research so desperately needed for rare pediatric cancer patients.

We can’t bring change for these kids (and moms) without you! 

Executive Director Dish

Once a Cancer Mom, Always a Cancer Mom

I remember reading this passage a Cancer Mom wrote when I was going through Isabella’s fight against cancer.  I posted it on my Facebook page and so many people thought I had written this so beautifully.  I’m sure it was because I was writing the truth every day about what our life was like and this sounds just like the hell I was living.  Truth is, it’s the life every cancer mom lives.  I have to say that I struggle daily with her being gone, but the one thing I don’t miss is the actual life of a cancer mom.  It’s the scariest life you will ever lead. I flash back to it quickly when I sit and talk with a Mom who has a child fighting.  The look in her eye is tired but thankful… it keeps me going at my job for sure.

Often times as a Cancer Mom you just feel helpless.  You are shuffling between hospitals and medicines and your other kids and bills and a marriage, the thought of having time to do anything that brings awareness or funding to your child’s disease feels impossible.  It never failed… Isabella would always relapse right before an event.  And like every year, our supporters would rally around us and put on an amazing day and do all the things I couldn’t.  They allowed me to just be her Mom and focus on keeping her alive.  I was so thankful to all the people that were doing things to help her and kids like Isabella when I couldn’t.

Read Erin’s full update… and what all we are working on in May in honor of all Cancer Moms.  We hope you will join us.

Watch For It

In May we are going to be loud for all the Cancer Moms who can’t be and dedicate our work in honor of those Moms who are fighting to save their kids.   Attend an event in May and make a difference for rare pediatric cancer.

Duke Mansion Garden Party, May 15 & 16 

We hope you will join us at one of our May Garden parties on Wednesday, May 15th or Thursday, May 16th.  An inspirational morning in the Duke Mansion Gardens, Pure Intentions Coffee with a light breakfast, we promise you will feel inspired by some of the stories you will hear.  Bring a friend to introduce her to ISF, donate in honor of a Mom, donate in honor of a child.  We just ask that you do something with the Isabella Santos Foundation in May to make a difference for pediatric cancer.  These kids (and Moms) need your help.

May Day Breakfast, May 22

We are changing up the format of our spring events and created a new morning intended for those of you familiar with the foundation. You have been to past coffee events, you have heard our story.  This May Day morning will be spent celebrating the mothers in our community over coffee, mimosas, and a light breakfast.  Without many of you who have been our backbone and support through the years, we would not be where we are today. Send us a message if you are interested in joining us for this intimate morning.

Partner Events:

Share It

Ask yourself… ‘What would I do if my best friend’s child was diagnosed with cancer’?  Then decide how you will take action this month.  There is no better gift to give Cancer Moms than helping make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer. Post, share, talk about it, bring awareness and take action.

  1. Donate to our May Cancer Messed With the Wrong Mom Fundraising Campaign. Share, post on social & talk about why you gave.
  2. Register for an ISF May event & invite a friend. Share, post on social & talk about why others should join you
  3. Share the Cancer Mom stories this month, we will have a lot!
  4. Create your own Facebook Fundraiser in May on behalf of the incredible women fighting for their children’s lives.  Or simply in honor of someone you know fighting cancer.
  5. Schedule an appointment to donate blood.  Those who gave at our blood drive on March 9th are eligible to donate blood on May 4th.
  6. Purchase tickets ($10) to attend Mother’s Day Sip & Shop.  Invite a friend or your mom for this fun girls night out.
  7. Schedule an appointment to get that pretty smile whitened at Charlotte Center for Cosmetic Dentristy, a portion of proceeds benefit ISF
  8. Eat at Brixx Pizza between May 22-24, proceeds from all kids meals to benefit ISF.
  9. Purchase Cancer Messed With gear for those in your life affected by cancer.  Especially all those mom fighting for someone or fighting themselves.

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