MIBG Construction Update #2, Levine Children’s Hospital

Our day is made when we receive MIBG treatment room construction updates from Nurse Dawn, Levine Children’s Hospital MIBG Therapy Program Director!  This is really happening… look at the ISF MIBG sign that labels the suite!  Steel beams will be going up next and the lead brick walls will be installed in about 4-6 weeks. The suite was designed with lead bricks, a radiation shielding element, and will include lead-lined floors, walls, and ceilings.  This will protect and manage the MIBG Therapy safely for both patients and staff.  Lead bricks are extremely heavy, we can’t wait to see photos/video of them lifting them up to the top floor of LCH! 

The ISF MIBG treatment suite enables parents to stay close to their child throughout the cancer treatment, and consists of a lead-lined patient room, an adjoining room with a lead-lined viewing window where family members can spend the night.

LCH Core Nursing Staff training is coming up on June 19th and 26th. Dawn will be sharing tons of information soon to help educate everyone on MIBG treatment, family education and even what to expect as a patient.  

We love that Dawn got her own personal hard hat to keep because she likes to check on construction progress often.  We couldn’t have asked for a better MIBG Therapy Program Director… and we look forward to sharing her story soon too!  It’s the Dawns’ of the world that are making these visions of better cancer care become a reality.

We are looking for individuals who want to be part of providing comfortable care for the kids/families that go through MIBG Treatment. Our new MIBG Ambassador Program gives you the flexibility of raising $5,000 the way you want to raise it… 100% of funds raised through this program will be distributed very specifically through our LCH partnership with this very targeted MIBG purpose. {You do not have to be located in Charlotte to participate, contact Tia for details}

Update #1: MIBG Treatment Room Construction Begins at Levine Children’s Hospital