ISF Board of Directors Spotlight: Sandra Szoke, Impact Marketing Partners

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

For all of us at ISF, it is especially important to have a team of board members who are invested in Charlotte and understand the significance and impact of its growth. We want to surround ourselves with people who love this city, this region and want to make it the best there is. We are so proud of this crew and they continue to amaze us with their strong passion to help us succeed, in any way they can.

Meet Sandra Szoke, a partner at Impact Marketing Partners

Sandra has been involved with ISF for over 2 years and recently handed over the reins of Board Co-Chair to Matt Yarmey and Suzie Ford. She plays so many roles for us. First off, she is a remarkably strong woman with a successful career. Of course, we go to her as a sounding board to bounce ideas off and honest feedback. Secondly, she is a marketing wiz and has obtained experience in every area of the industry. Absolutely we look to her for advice on what we are doing right and where we need to grow. Thirdly, she loves Charlotte and making a difference is in her DNA. We feel privileged to have her sit on our Board of Directors and give so much time and energy in helping us be better every single day.

“Years ago, my adorable, spunky little six-year-old niece was admitted into the hospital and began a two-year frightening battle with cancer. Our world was limited to one floor of the hospital. Blood counts and infections become as much of a nemesis as cancer. Your neighbors, the families in the rooms on your hall, are fighting just like you and late night tears in the doorway meant that tomorrow a child would lose that fight. Fortunately, my niece survived, but far too many others didn’t. Unacceptable. Living through that experience made me want to fight for those children. I can’t know what I know about those children and do nothing. That’s why my involvement means the world to me. I can see, I can feel the progress. I’m working with people who share the passion, the drive, the intellect, the determination to help those children BEAT Cancer, GROW Hair, and LIVE their dreams. I’m ALL in.

I’m a native. Born here, went to Chapel Hill for college, and came right back. Charlotte is home. It’s where I’ve raised my family and we LOVE this city to the core. I built a successful business here and my husband is ingrained in the sports community. Jim and I always want to give back and show our gratitude to a city that has served us so well.”

Sandra had dreams of becoming a professional singer when she was younger. Although Karaoke at her house every Friday night is where her performances happen now (and we might have a few videos from a fun karaoke team night out in 2019)… Sandra is brutally dedicated to giving kids with cancer the opportunities to live out their dreams and their futures. We couldn’t imagine our team without her!