ISF Board of Directors Spotlight:  Suzie Ford, NoDa Brewing Company

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

Suzie & her granddaughter

Over the next several weeks we will introduce you to our ISF Board of Directors. For all of us at ISF,  it is especially important to have a team of board members who are invested in Charlotte and understand the significance and impact of its growth. We want to surround ourselves with people who love this city, this region and want to make it the best there is. We are so proud of this crew and they continue to amaze us with their strong passion to help us succeed, in any way they can.

Meet Suzie Ford, owner of NoDa Brewing Company

There are so many things Suzie has her hands-on in the city of Charlotte and we are beyond proud ISF is one of them. Suzie is purposeful with and in everything she does.  Purposeful with her time, her support, her community, her business, and her beer.  She has been a long-time ISF supporter and on the Board of Directors for 2 years.  Suzie recently committed as a Board Co-Chair alongside Matt Yarmy and we are so appreciative of how she dives headfirst into every event, campaign, or project our team is involved with. Not only does Suzie personally and professionally get behind all our crazy antics, but she also provides solid business advice, unique ideas, and consistently offers encouragement to our team to keep going when we need it the most.  

“Around 8 years ago I was introduced to Erin and the ISF family.  I immediately fell in love with the organization and their (now our) mission.  While thankfully my children and grandchildren are healthy, I knew I had to do whatever was in my power to help raise funds to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Having moved to Charlotte in 1996, I feel like I’m almost a native.  My children were young when we moved here and they grew up here.  I love the Charlotte community and everything it has to offer.  Each of our neighborhoods bring their own unique element to the city, that as a whole makes Charlotte an amazing place to live.  We have culture, music, diversity, sports, close proximity to the mountains and beaches for quick trips and a strong sense of pride in our not so little town.”

Suzie dreamed of being a veterinarian when she grew up and knows just how important it is to not only have dreams but also the opportunity to live them out.  There are way too many kids with cancer who aren’t able to do this.  We are honored Suzie believes wholeheartedly in our mission… To Beat Cancer, To Grow Hair, and for kids to be able to Live Their Dreams.  

Every city needs a Suzie.  We are grateful for the difference she is making for us and kids fighting cancer!  It’s also a plus NoDa Brewing makes really good beer and spiked seltzers too!