Charlotte Cancer Nonprofit Donates $25,000 to Help Fulfill Clinical Trial

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Charlotte Cancer Nonprofit Donates $25,000 to Help Fulfill Clinical Trial

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

2020, a year no one could have predicted in their wildest dreams, has thrown all of us its share of curveballs. But this year has also shown us to be a year in which many people have truly been moved to do something positive in the midst of all the negative noise. That couldn’t have been more clear last week as we received a call from another Charlotte cancer nonprofit organization wanting to help us fulfill our final fundraising goal of the year.

A little over a week ago, we shared an exciting announcement about a collaboration between two pediatric cancer organizations. It is a story of two moms coming together, honoring their two daughters, to fund a childhood cancer clinical trial for relapsed sarcomas out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This trial, the “TINKS” trial, is a $250,000 commitment and focused on creating a new way of treating relapsed sarcomas for those kids who have been told there are no more treatment options. This was the case for both Madison Fedak and Isabella Santos.

The Isabella Santos Foundation ($125,000) and Live Like Madison ($100,000) have collectively raised $225,000 for this trial and have been working hard to raise the remaining $25,000 before the end of the year. After sending out a call for help in fulfilling this commitment, we received a very unexpected phone call. Jenn Andrews, sarcoma survivor and Founder of Move For Jenn Foundation, was so moved by this collaboration and pledged the remaining $25,000 for this trial.

“Research has been a part of our mission since we started and this was the perfect opportunity for us to get to help in a whole new capacity, but also to come together with two of our favorite local nonprofits to help make a huge impact.  I think one of the coolest parts of this, aside from getting to be a part of a HUGE research opportunity that has the potential to literally change the trajectory for how sarcoma patients are cared for, are the partnerships with the other foundations that we have so much respect for.”  Continue reading from Jenn’s perspective why she felt so connected and moved to give.

This is a true testament to the good coming out of this unpredictable year. It’s a story of hope and determination of three families affected by this horrible disease. During a time when nonprofits are struggling to succeed, these three organizations have joined together, exemplifying the power of unity and the impact it can have. As we approach the new year, we hope your spirits are lifted and you feel inspired to make a difference in 2021 no matter what is thrown at us all. We know we certainly are!

Thank you Move For Jenn for your donation pledge and for joining forces with the Isabella Santos Foundation and Live Like Madison. And thank you for helping two moms honor their two very special 7-year-olds who are most certainly changing the world.

We are extremely close to GIVING AWAY $1 Million this year in donations to support our mission, which would be a first for our foundation. We hope you will consider making a tax-deductible, year-end donation to help us reach this incredible goal and be a part of this extraordinary milestone. We are so grateful for your ongoing support!


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