5 Ways You Can Support Charlotte Nonprofits

Are you looking for ways to support local nonprofits? ShareCharlotte.com is a great resource that identifies 428 nonprofit organizations in the Charlotte area and helps you identify the organizations doing work that is closest to your heart.

  1. Attending Fundraising Events For Nonprofit Organizations
    Most nonprofit organizations rely upon the generosity of donors for some or all of their funding. Fundraising is an activity of major importance to the charitable nonprofit community. Nonprofit organizations in Charlotte are no different and are constantly looking for ways to maximize their fundraising.

    Two examples of local fundraising for our company are The Isabella Santos Foundation Coffee for a Cure and the All in For Cancer events. You can reference Isabella Santos Foundation nonprofit events calendar.
  2. Donate To Your Favorite Charity
    There are numerous ways to make a donation to your favorite charity. Your donation can be made at whichever price point you feel comfortable with and can be packaged according to your preferences and convenience. Use your checkbook or donate online, donate your car or food for an event, arrange for planned giving, or give your time. The Isabella Santos Foundation Ambassador program encourages you to get your team of people working together collectively, as a group, to raise funds together. Or, if you are interested in taking support to the next level by making an annual gift of $5,000 or more, ISF’s Three Wish Circle is the place for you. Many organizations, including the Isabella Santos Foundation, are 501c3 nonprofits so your donations are tax deductible.
  3. Non Profit Volunteering
    Non profits are always needing volunteers. Having extra sets of hands on any given day is extremely helpful. Here are just a few examples of volunteer opportunities.

    • Conduct research
    • Collect data
    • Answer the phone
    • Assist in event planning
    • Be a mentor
    • Serve as a foster home for a furry friend in need
    • Tend to a garden
    • Become a youth sports coach
    • Help families move out of homeless shelters into stable homes

    At ISF, we have a variety of events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Join our ISF Volunteer Group on Facebook to stay updated on Volunteer opportunities.


  5. Non Profit Sponsorship
    Create awareness of your corporate identity while strengthening your corporate image to your current stakeholders by sponsoring a non profit. Garner, develop, and cultivate a new and existing audience of customers. Examples of ways to sponsor:

    • Sponsor an ISF Event
    • Donate Auction Items
    • Host an ‘ISF Day’ With a % Give Back
    • Make a Donation & Company Matching
    • Donate In-Kind Items for ISF Events
    • Sign Your Team Up to Volunteer With ISF
    • Register Your Team for ISF’s Annual 5K/10K


  6.  Social Media for Nonprofits 

    Sharing messages over the internet is almost mandatory in today’s world, especially for nonprofits. Social Media is typically the best way to communicate with nonprofits since both a new and existing audience of customers can be easily reached when messages are shared digitally. Facebook groups, in particular, have been shown to be popular amongst many nonprofits. Websites, emails, and performing google searches are also examples of how to gather information on contributing towards your favorite nonprofit.

    The Isabella Santos Foundation has a social media following of over 15,000 people and looks forward to gaining more and educating the community on what the foundation stands for. Follow us to stay up to date with what we’re doing!

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