2022 LMD Updates

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ISF Live My Dreams Program Supported Over 58 Patients in 2022

Written by Amanda DiFabio, Marketing Manager 

The cost of childhood cancer goes beyond hospital stays and chemotherapy. The Live My Dreams giving program is 10% of our mission focus. This program will help support the various struggles that come with a cancer diagnosis. We have partnered with several organizations to contribute to the success of families.

Donations to the Live My Dreams giving program will help fund many aspects of family needs outside of cancer. Family needs may include counseling services, dental needs, hearing aids, scholarships, and activities. We will continue to support the organizations that meant so much to Isabella and made an impact on her life, including OneBlood, The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, and Make-A-Wish Foundation

To date we have donated $92,903 to our Live My Dreams Mission. Since the program’s inception over 88 kids have been impacted, with over 58 of those being in 2022!!

Read more about how kids were impacted most recently: 

  • The first patient is a sweet 12 year old boy with relapsed Ewing’s sarcoma. ISF funding supported local lodging for the family during radiation as the patient lives an hour away.
  • The second patient is a sweet 10 year old boy from Alabama with relapsed neuroblastoma who travels here for Danyelza monthly. ISF sent them to Wilderness at the Smokies for a weekend to give the family some much needed respite. They had an amazing time!
  • The 3rd patient has a rare sarcoma and traveled from Puerto Rico and needed lodging for one week. Due to the waitlist at RMH, they needed to stay in a hotel.  The family was very appreciative for the support.
  • The next patient is an 18 month old with neuroblastoma who travels here monthly for immunotherapy.  ISF’s support allowed them to stay in a local hotel during their last visit.
  • The next patient is a 5 year old with relapsed neuroblastoma who travels for Danyelza monthly. With the support of ISF, he and his Mom were able to stay at a local extended stay hotel for the week.
  • The next family traveled from Raleigh for DFMO for neuroblastoma and needed a hotel for the night.
  • The final family has a 15th month old with neuroblastoma. The family travels from over 2 hours away for care and needed a local place to stay overnight in between medical visits.

 We are so happy to help out families that need it most![/av_textblock]

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