June Executive Director Dish

Wow.  Running a little late this month.  Every month seems to fly by faster and faster.  Our May was full of events that kept us busy and like most events, they drain us, so we take a little time after to recoup.  I loved everything about May as we turned our focus to the Moms who are currently in the fight of their lives with their children and their stories.  I think sometimes we forget just how many families in this area need us.  Our Defining Support, The Cancer Warrior Mom Series was one of the best series we have done to date.  We asked these Moms to talk about their struggles, how they define support and what organizations like ours mean to them as they go through treatment.  If you missed it – catch up here.

Our coffees also had a completely different look and feel this year.  We moved our location to the Duke Mansion and the days couldn’t have been more beautiful.  The sun was shining, the mimosas were flowing, and the inspirational stories were on point.  I loved seeing new faces in the audience and love the opportunity to share who we are and what we do with new people.  Our theme of the mornings resolved about Nurse Sarah who shared her story of how she was a 2-time childhood cancer survivor and how lucky she was to have the treatments she needed to ultimately find her cure.  She has gone to become a pediatric oncology nurse here in Charlotte and just a few months ago, she and her husband were blessed with their first child.  I sat and listened to her read her Mother’s journal entries from when she was in treatment and it brought back so many memories for me of how scary that time in my life was.  It reminded me of how lucky I was to have people advocating and supporting for our family when we didn’t have time to ask.  We all need to remember these families are counting on us to be their soldiers in the street, because they have more important things to worry about… their child.

And now here we are… June.  Kids are out of school.  Life seems a little quieter, but we still have a important milestone ahead.  On June 28th, Isabella will have been gone for 7 years.  This is crazy to me because she was only 7 when she passed away.  Her legacy is now longer than her life.  As always, I find the best way to experience this day is to partner with One Blood (formally CBCC) and ask for you all to go and donate blood, especially platelets in her honor.  Summer is the slowest time of the year for blood and platelet donations and they need your help.  Our platelet drive runs from this Sunday, June 23 through Saturday, June 28th, please honor her life and schedule an appointment.  Post a picture of yourself on social media – I follow along quietly that day and love seeing all of you who take the time.  It means so much to me.

Now, let’s talk about something exciting. First, we have a new presenting sponsor this year, RedVentures! Their energy is off the charts, we can’t wait for you to feel it! Second … who loves brunch?  Um… everyone.  How does Firebirds + Tito’s Vodka + NoDa Brewing sound? These companies (and our first ever brunch sponsors) love to give back to the community and are ready to provide you with the yummiest of yummy goodies and drinks on race day.  We know what works at our race… our 5k is fun (the 10 is tough), the kids zone is killer, the auction and raffle are like no other so why not make the day just a tad more fun for everyone.  I know nothing tastes better to me after a hard run like a bloody mary so let’s combine the two.  

You’re going to start seeing the Run and Brunch everywhere.  And it’s going to have a different look to it so it’s going to catch your eye.  Register before July 1st and you will get the brunch, and 2 drink tickets for free.  Build a team, get your whole neighborhood out there.  Don’t want to run?  We don’t care!  Just purchase brunch and come out to support a good cause.  Have a seat in the shade with a drink while your kids play in the kids’ zone and you bid on something amazing by phone while you gossip with your bestie… oh and it all benefits pediatric cancer research.  Win. Win.  Run and Brunch. Let’s make this year’s event, the biggest and best we have ever had.  Be a part of it.

Special shout out to JE Dunn and Brixx Pizza for their incredible fundraisers for ISF! JE Dunn donated $15,000 and Brixx Pizza donated $10,000… prime examples of ways our community businesses are stepping up for their community. Check out how each company raised these funds, maybe it will give you an idea of how to do something similar and help us fight cancer.

Happy June… well almost July!

P.S. – don’t forget to schedule that Platelet appointment for next week!

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