Isabella Santos Foundation’s ‘Live My Dreams’ Giving Program Supports Charlotte Nonprofit

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Isabella Santos Foundation’s ‘Live My Dreams’ Giving Program Supports Charlotte Nonprofit

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

Emily, Claire’s Mom & Executive Director

Earlier this month, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to give $2,500 worth of gift cards to local Charlotte nonprofit, Claire’s Army, to help them support families at Levine Children’s and Novant Hospital fighting childhood cancer.  Due to your continued support, we are able to assist local nonprofits in the Charlotte region through our LIVE Program and we can’t think of a better organization to support. Claire’s Army is a local organization named in honor of Claire Ratliff who passed away from Stage 4 neuroblastoma at just 2 years old.  The organization was founded to provide direct support to Charlotte-area patients and families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis.  Through their Emergency Assistance, Meal Delivery, and Claire Package programs Claire’s Army makes an immediate impact on approximately 200 local families each year.  You can learn more about Claire’s Army at We were so excited to reach out to Emily, Claire’s Mom and Executive Director, with our desire to do this… 

“This is so fantastic, every part of it.  We cannot thank you enough.  Just this week, there are 2 specific families who will certainly benefit from this, among the many others through our Claire Packages and via social workers. We appreciate ISF and the many tangible ways you have supported us over the years! Thank you again, Emily”

We know how important it is for local nonprofits to support one another, especially during this time. We admire the mission of Claire’s Army and are excited to help support their efforts in this way. This gift is part of our ‘Live My Dreams’ giving program to help support local organizations or the specific needs of families affected by childhood cancer.   To be part of ongoing supportive care for families, please consider giving $5 a month. Learn more at [/av_textblock]

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