ISF MIBG Ambassador: Cynthia & Kat Wood

GOAL: Run 50K in 1 year to raise $5K for ISF. Say what??
This will be Cynthia’s 4th year fundraising for ISF and she has enlisted a special partner in crime. Cynthia decided to sign up as a MIBG Ambassador and think outside the box for her fundraising. Cynthia and her daughter, Kat, are committing to rack up 50K in runs to raise $5,000 within a year of this coming Thursday (June 28th)… the anniversary of Isabella’s passing.
Fundraising year after year gets hard, no matter who you are! Not only do we love that Cynthia’s daughter is getting involved (kids helping kids make our hearts melt), but that they are doing something different and new. Thank you Cynthia and Kat for your dedication in honor of Isabella. We can’t express how grateful we are!
Learn more about what it means to become an MIBG Ambassador.  Funds raised through this program will be distributed very specifically through our partnership with Levine Children’s Hospital with a very targeted purpose. So get creative and fundraise the way you want to.

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