The 2022 ISF Summer Intern Program Has Experienced Eye-Opening First Three Weeks

Written by Amanda DiFabio, Marketing Coordinator 

Our interns are off and starting the summer strong! We want to give a special shoutout to intern lead Jack Hyland for being the challenge 1 winner. His team name and logo, the Cancer Cavaliers, was an ISF fan favorite. We love seeing the creativity and enthusiasm from each of our interns right out of the gate!

 Challenge 1 Winner: Cancer Cavaliers

       Challenge 1 Winner: Cancer Cavaliers

Next up on the shoutout list are our challenge 2 winners, the Cancer Crushers led by Lily Hornberger, for being the first team to hit $3,000 in fundraising! WAY TO GO. The past 2 weeks have been so much fun, and ones to remember. During week 2, some of the intern leads and volunteers had the opportunity to experience something unforgettable- lunch with medical staff from Levine Children’s and members of the Atrium Health Foundation, and a tour of the Levine Children’s lab and clinic. Due to COVID-19, our interns haven’t had the opportunity until now to experience this and see the inside of the facilities. 

Getting to see the lab was very eye opening to these students, some of which are aspiring doctors and biologists. They got to ask questions to the lab techs, witness cancer research being done first-hand, and see the lasting impression of Isabella and ISF throughout the building.  

“Today while touring the pediatric oncology lab, I was extremely intrigued by the mass cytometry machine, which is revolutionary as it measures not only the behavior of tumor cells, but also the interactions with the immune system. I was extremely fortunate to also see the pediatric cancer floor of the Levine Children’s Hospital, which I learned the Isabella Santos Foundation had directly contributed to. This experience was one I will forever be incredibly grateful for, as it gave me a new perspective into the clinical side of pediatric cancer.” 

 -Jack Hyland, Cancer Cavaliers 2022 Intern Lead

The inside of Levine Children’s was also a very rewarding experience for our summer teams. They were given a tour of the Seacrest Studios and LCH lobby. In the elevators they got to hear the sweet voices of former patients as they headed up to see the library and oncology floor. Two of the coolest things they got the experience up on that 11th floor was meeting one of Isabella’s nurses, who still works at Levine Children’s, as well as seeing the MIBG Therapy Suite which was the first big project ISF undertook as a foundation. 

As you can see, week 2 was a hit! Along with the tour of Levine Children’s, interns also had the opportunity to learn from social media coach, Katie Mckiever, and attend an ISF fundraising event, the Snooze pre-opening in South Park. We had so much fun getting to know each and every one of them more, and teach them more about our background and mission. This is quite the inspiring group of people that was able to raise about $7,000 in the first 2 weeks!