How This Supporter is Creative in her Give Back for a Childhood Cancer Organization

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How This Supporter is Creative in her Give Back for a Childhood Cancer Organization

Written by Maitland Danner, Director of Operations

ISF has been so fortunate over the years to have the most awesome supporters around. We understand that everyone is different and chooses to involve themselves however they can. Sometimes, it’s through donating and sponsoring events. Sometimes it’s through fundraising and volunteering their time. And then sometimes, when we get really lucky… it’s both.

Meet Amy Rossomando.

Amy has been part of the ISF family for years. She spent her early years with us as a volunteer and transitioned into a co-lead for our auction committee.  If you have seen our past auctions, you know this is a crazy tough job and not for the faint of heart. After stepping down from that role, Amy didn’t stop supporting ISF and our mission to help kids fight cancer. She just shifted how she did it.

Amy is now part of a real estate group called Giving Tree Realty, that has an awesome program allowing employees to give back to their community. With each sale that she has, Amy is able to direct a percentage of her proceeds to ISF. Over time, this has added up to over $2200 and is such a great and easy way to give back to a great cause, by both her and her employer. This program is ongoing, so will only continue to build. Incredible.

Her passion doesn’t stop there. In addition, Amy fundraises for us when she can…sending out her link to friends and family, expressing how a little here and there from everyone can quickly add up. Well, it certainly does and it takes a village.  This year, through her efforts surrounding our virtual 5k, she also raised over $2000 on her own. 

It ALL makes a difference and Amy has been such a treasure to our organization. She is not only making an impact, but she chooses to support in whatever way she can, whenever she can and in a way that fits into her lifestyle and isn’t too overwhelming. 

So many employers have giveback programs that our supporters can utilize to help us along. We would love for you to think outside of the box and see if yours will do the same.  

What else can you do? 

You can fundraise. You can forego a few lattes and become a monthly donor. You can have your employer match a donation. You can volunteer.  Whatever you choose, it goes a long way and we appreciate it so much. A little here and there… truly helps a lot.

Amy, thank you for being such an awesome example all around. We adore you![/av_textblock]

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