The Faces of ISF…Meet Stuart Santos

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.30.42 PMNames/ages of children: Grant 9 and Sophia 6

Years married and to whom: Married for 12 years to Erin Santos

Years in Charlotte: 17 years in Charlotte

Neighborhood: Marvin Creek

Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida

College Alumni: University of South Carolina

Occupation: Global Account Manager, ServiceSource

Years Involved with the Foundation: 9 yrs

What is your role with the Foundation? Chairman of the Board

How did your involvement with ISF begin? Co-Founder

What is your favorite story about Isabella? My favorite story about Isabella was from Christmas morning when she received Jake the Cat. Jake was in a huge box wrapped with kitty paper and when Jake heard her voice he peered out of the top and jumped right out when he saw her. Isabella carried Jake around the rest of the day like a little baby and dressed him up in her American Girl clothing. I still think this is why Jake is so loving.

What is one of your top ISF moments? One of my favorite moments is when we flew up to Grand Rapids this March and handed Dr. Sholler a check to fund her latest Neuroblastoma trial. It also happened to be on Isabella’s birthday. I knew there were families waiting to start the trial and to know the foundation would be responsible for helping them immediately.

Where do you see ISF in 5 years? In 5 years, I see the Isabella Santos Foundation putting on events across the country and funding more than $1 Million dollars of cancer research annually.

What is something you think ISF could improve on this year? I would like to see ISF develop a product that could be purchased no matter where you lived with the profits benefiting childhood cancer. I think there are people all over the country that would like to do more to support what we are doing but don’t have the ability to attend an actual event.

How has ISF impacted your kids? The foundation has impacted our family in so many different ways. It has given Grant and Sophia a lasting connection to Isabella, in the sense that she’s still alive and part of her family through her legacy and can live on forever for them.

Who are your role models? Outside of the obvious role which my mother and father have played in helping to guide my life, my Grandfather on my mom’s side and Grandmother on my dad’s side have always been huge role models for me. They overcame very hard times in their life with unbelievable perseverance and courage.

What is something about you that would surprise people? I think some people might be surprised to know I’m a bit of worrier. It’s something I try not to focus on but life has thrown me some curveballs.

What is your biggest pet peeve? When people are insensitive or sarcastic for the sake of a joke.

What is the hardest thing you have ever done? Saying goodbye to Isabella. (I’m still working Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.30.57 PMon it)

What do you love to do in Charlotte? I really enjoy running through the different areas in Charlotte. The weather is so gorgeous almost year round so I really get to lose myself in scenery. I also think the Roasting Company on Montford or Del Friscos are my favorite places to eat.

What are a couple of your guilty pleasures? Ice Cream from Dairy Queen when I’m at the beach. I go every night when I’m there. I’m also a big fan of Charleston Chews.

Who is your celebrity crush? Eva Green (from the movie 300) & Blake Lively

What is your favorite drink? My favorite beer is a NODA CAVU.

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