Emily Riordan Social Worker Spotlight

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Social worker Emily Riordan Speaks Firsthand About ISF’s Live My Dreams Program

Written by Levine Children’s cancer and blood disorders oncology social worker, Emily Riordan

“Hi everyone! My name is Emily Riordan and I am an oncology social worker at Levine Children’s cancer and blood disorders.  I support patients and their families who come to our hospital to receive care through the Isabella Santos Foundation Rare & Solid Tumor Program.

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak firsthand about ISF’s Live My Dreams Program.  As many of you know, a cancer diagnosis comes with many challenges.  ISF’s Live My Dreams program focuses on some of the logistical challenges of care including travel and lodging expenses, out-of-pocket medical costs, and support for long-term needs following treatment.  Since May of 2021, ISF has supported nearly 30 rare & solid tumor families with over $13,000 of direct support to allow their children to receive care at Levine Children’s and live their lives.

Some families supported live as close as 15 minutes away while others have traveled as far as Europe or Asia for care.  ISF’s goal is to support Levine Children’s in providing the best care regardless of how far they travel and extends to supporting them with financial assistance.  

When you hear that your child has cancer, no parent should worry about the logistics of traveling and lodging in order to get the care their child deserves.  Financial assistance can be as simple as a hotel stay and can take some stress off a parent who is navigating so much to support their child’s medical care.  Something that sounds so simple can be the greatest gift.

Thank you, ISF for the continued support!”


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