A Glimpse into Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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A Glimpse into Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

Facing a childhood cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating and frightening experiences a parent can endure and it can turn the lives of the entire family upside down. Yet, time and time again, we are constantly amazed at the perseverance, positivity and the ‘we won’t back down’ mindset from the kids and families we meet, despite being affected by this awful disease.  They simply inspire us.

We want them to inspire you too.  During the month of September we will bring you stories of resilience, hope and change during our childhood cancer awareness series, ‘Through My Eyes’, sponsored by Atrium Health Levine Children’s. 

Last September, many of you followed along as we introduced you to families and the unique perspectives of those affected by childhood cancer.  It was a chance to pull back the curtain for a glimpse of what these families truly go through.  As highlighted in the video, you watched Brinn’s parents give an inside view of their experience. Since then, you have watched and cheered her on from the sidelines during her journey to becoming cancer free. How wonderful it was.

However, along with many of the triumphs, you also gained insight to the extremely scary side of cancer, as several of the kids we featured… did not win their battle. We want to move the needle and give all kids a fighting chance to Beat Cancer, Grow Their Hair and Live their Dreams. These are real children and real families that all deserve the same triumphant outcome as Brinn.

September is right around the corner.  Tune in to our ‘Through My Eyes’ series.  Talk about the stories. Share them. Fundraise for these kids. Let’s not only bring awareness to childhood cancer, but let’s bring change. 

{Videos were taken before the coronavirus pandemic and may not reflect current health and safety policies.}[/av_textblock]

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