Zuria, 6 Years Old, Wilms Tumor

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“Zuria was a typical vibrant little girl. She loved going to school, playing with her family and friends, going to the park, and going to the American Girl store. Last July she started experiencing severe pain and running a high temperature. We took her to the ER, it was said that she could be constipated, so they gave her something for it, and sent us home.  A few months later, the same thing happened, but this time we took her to her pediatrician. She did a few in-office tests and then said it may be constipation or a UTI, which she gave some meds for, but later turned out that she didn’t have it. Well, we go into this year, early March and the pain and fever come back, we (my husband and I) give her medicine for constipation, but this time, Zuria said “mommy I’ve used the bathroom, but I’m still hurting”. I told her to let me look at her, and that’s when I saw the bulge on her left side.  I called to get a same-day appointment, but they didn’t have anything, so we had to wait until the next morning.

On March 16th, 2022, I took her to the doctor where she saw a different pediatrician, and he made sure to do a lot of testing in the office and at the hospital. The last test that was done was an Ultrasound, and that’s when he knew what the problem was. He called us to come back to his office, and he explained that it looks like she had a Wilms Tumor on her left Kidney and that he went ahead and called Levine Children’s Oncology to get her seen asap. Life as she/we knew had changed in that moment.  

On April 1st, 2022, Zuria had her surgery where they removed her left Kidney and Wilms Tumor.   From the time we found out, up to this day, she/ we have had wonderful doctors, nurses, volunteers, family, and friends to help her through this time in her life.  She is our little brave warrior.”

-Margo, Zuria’s Mom

We are incredibly excited that Zuria is a recipient of one of our 10 Year Gifts announced in March.  To honor the 10-year anniversary of Isabella’s passing, we donated $10,000 in scholarships to everything that defined her – to be set aside for kids fighting cancer at Levine Children’s who need a good day. Zuria will participate in the Carolina Panthers Junior TopCats Fall Clinic in November.  She will work with members of the TopCats to learn cheer techniques, team spirit, and dance routines and will perform during the Carolina Panthers halftime show with the TopCats.  She can’t wait, we can’t wait either!

Help us continue to change the world for kids like Zuria by donating in honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Your donation benefits the ISF Rare & Solid Tumor Program at Levine Children’s, a global program for kids battling rare cancers. The very program that Zuria is being treated under. Donate today! Want to do more, join our fundraising challenge here.

Surgery day

1st day of chemo

The day she lost her hair

Last day of radiation